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Last week's hunting trip to SW Alabama

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    Originally posted by bowhunter75richard View Post

    I agree with you on the litigation issue, but you have to remember, we are living in a pussiefied world today, and only to get worse in the next few hours at it’s present rate of acceleration !
    Ain't that the truth. You wouldn't believe the amount of small print on the two pages of Release Of Liability I had to sign before they would allow me to hunt.


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      Originally posted by fitch270 View Post
      The Great Room looks pretty nice to me actually, but the dining area could use some real furniture. By the looks of the bunks it’s good that you had your own room. On our trip my FiL shared a room with the boy and I, three twin beds in a smaller room. Was a little tight with our stuff but we pretty much just crashed at night.

      I’m laughing a little bit about the doe shot at 30 yards with a 6.5 Creed and an ELD-X. I’m not surprised at all about the lack of blood trail, with the pump out you don’t get much forced out of the body.

      The fact that you got morning and evening sits leads me to believe they knew the deer weren’t going to be moving much, otherwise it seems like they’d left you in stand for the whole day. I wonder what the “Trophy” areas had going on. Two days is short, it would take me that long just to get acclimated to my surroundings.

      i have a couple more thoughts but have to run, daughter has a middle school winter concert and is waiting on me.
      I actually slept pretty good with the box fan running and didn't need to wear earplugs.

      It is pretty funny about that 30 yard shot. I'd also carried my old .308 as a back-up and had sighted both rifles for 200-yard zeros, lol! ... So far with the 6.5 CM, I've killed one small pig at 35 yards (in 2017), and that doe at 30 yards. Hardly a test of its long range capabilities!

      The ladder stands only afforded about 40 to 50 yard shots in moderate undergrowth. That would have been perfect for my .45-70 single-shot. The photo below shows my view where the doe and yearling walked through. Lots of twigs to potentially deflect that ELD-X

      Click image for larger version

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        So I’m curious as to how you decided to book with this outfit? I knew going into our deal it was a crap shoot but had a pretty good feeling about it. Our outfitter was actually a husband/wife duo, and I only spoke with the wife before we booked. I did call a couple references beforehand and did a few searches on the net. I couldn’t find anything negative online and these days if someone has an axe to grind they’ll be posting somewhere. Better to not be “that guy”. One thing I figured out with calling references is that with caller id many people won’t answer if they don’t recognize the incoming number. The guys I did talk to both gave business numbers and picked up.

        BTW, if anyone is interested I’d be happy to discuss more specifics of our trip by pm.

        We also had a waiver to sign, which I suppose is expected but only covers them so much. The fact that your stands didn’t have restraint systems or even pull ropes is surprising but to tell you you didn’t need one seems risky at best.

        How did doing this compare to the lease you did last year as far as expectations go? Apples and oranges maybe? Our investment in land was a little different deal as it was a family situation, but what we pay in property taxes I could pay a yearly lease fee or do a pretty decent guided trip every couple years. It has its own headaches but might be something for you to consider as well.


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          Liability releases are typically not worth the paper they're written on when things get to court. Releases are intended to convince clients they wouldn't have a chance to litigate in the event something goes wrong. Fake em out ahead of time. And sadly the tactic often works. Don't be a sucker. Always talk to a lawyer if you get hurt.

          Folding chairs usually are safe enough ... if used properly. But you can never count on clients who get gassed up in camp at night doing things "properly." Some drunk decides to stand on a folding chair to give a speech = injury!
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            I'd actually first heard of the place via a local book on hunting whitetails. Of course their website had pics of large bucks. I pretty much ignored the negative comments posted on and the low price was also attractive.

            Last year's lease cost me about $850 and three work days. It had some nice areas and easy access just 40 minutes from my house. But, I hunted my butt off and never saw a shootable deer. The sign-in and out probably made it a little safer than when I hunt public land alone.

            I'm not going to give up on guided hunts. At 60 I can see where hunting public land will one day be too much for me.




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