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    CD2, all that makes sense to me and mirrors some of my thoughts while in the woods. Congrats on taking that nice buck, the broken tine just adds character. I like that old 760 and it seems perfect for that style of hunting.

    Our gun season starts next Saturday and I hope to get a buck just as nice as the one you just dropped. Right now it's not looking good for me to slip away this week for the special muzzleloader days. We have a three buck limit in Alabama.

    I hope everything works out well for your child and it does turn out to be benign.


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      Originally posted by CD2 View Post
      He dropped at the shot. Onside shoulder from stand. Was a quick deal, just an " oh crap, shoulder crosshair and down". Lots of thick stuff to right. Plenty of arrow snaggin smaller around too BHR

      Never flinched. Down and dead right there. 200gr Hornady factory .35 rem. Beater 760 w 4x Leupold.

      Temped to buy a doe tag and bloody my steyr. But i have a bow doe tag in my pocket and we are a one buck state.

      Im happy, and not. Busted tine sucks. But a load of meat. Done buck hunting is a downer.....wait a yr and just like that, its over.

      But im kinda gimped up, plus lots going on at home....there is some pressure off.

      Was thinking yesterday how it aint worth it. Freezing/ hurting. And then im covered up in deer today.

      Still dunno if really worth it. But the cold air, leaves and him laying in front of the woods ( i hate field hunting ) just made me feel kinda everything was right in my little world for a moment.

      Stupid as it a deer hunter in my soul. At least i think I am. And today i was.

      Easy shot. Not a monster. But it juat feels good.

      Connected I am.
      Good stuff


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        Originally posted by CD2 View Post
        Im cold. Had four hours sleep last two days. Popped my elbow too. Yeah i like recurve and proly could have shot him w one ( 25 yards ). Had four smaller bucks and four antlerless for a half hour.....couldnt couldnt get down to see what he was. Thick, decent body, not wide. Good enough. Kid has a tumor, proly benign....but thats kinda got home front a little wacky. Found that out Thursday. Ill be out w bow in morning for doe if i get some sleep. Drag might really make elbow hurt so dunno. Am in jeep waiting for bud to shoot something. Did instant check in already.
        Best wishes to your child cd2 ! Went through the same thing with my daughter when she was still in school, all turned out well, hope the same for you and your family.


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          Thanks. Just weighed deer.......181#


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            Originally posted by CD2 View Post
            Thanks. Just weighed deer.......181#
            Now that's a heavy whitetail and would be rare here in Alabama.


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              Originally posted by CD2 View Post
              Thanks. Just weighed deer.......181#
              181 pounds? Field dressed or whole?
              Jiminy catwhiskers!
              Some of the fruitcakes around here publish a deer's weight ungutted!
              Some of those pigs up in Osage county that have grown up on ag crops will push 200# on the hoof.

              That's just awesome!
              The biggest I've ever taken went 152# gutted. The backstrap butterflies were huge!


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                Originally posted by CD2 View Post
                Not bad Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20191117_081729493_BURST001.jpg
Views:	73
Size:	3.28 MB
ID:	718158
                Our pictures are very similar, other than your deer dwarfing mine. Must have pushed 225 live weight.

                I actually mistook the deer I shot yesterday for a bigger 9 pt we've had hanging around. Saw it live Friday morning before last from the kitchen window while getting ready for work. The bigger bucks only come down around the house when they start cruising does.

                Not that I wouldn't have shot anyway, but it wasn't the deer I was expecting. Oh well, maybe we'll meet up during muzzleloader season.


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                  181# field dressed. My avatar deer was 199#. The 9 pt from 2015 was. 175# ( contender carbine). Most 100" or so eights run 140-160#.


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                    Have only killed a half dozen 175# dressed or bigger. Shot a nice 9 pt that dressed 145#......fooled me. Thought he was bigger and farther out. Nope....was like a 3/4 sized deer. Proportions correct.


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                      Originally posted by CD2 View Post
                      Have only killed a half dozen 175# dressed or bigger. Shot a nice 9 pt that dressed 145#......fooled me. Thought he was bigger and farther out. Nope....was like a 3/4 sized deer. Proportions correct.
                      Best guess on this one’s score?

                      I’m terrible at it, no experience.


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                        Cd2, I won't "guess" your deer's score, but from a little past experience, his rack looks so asymmetrical, I fear his minuses will overwhelm his pluses!

                        I get a little agger-fretted by the B&C scoring method.
                        Unless a rack is perfectly symmetrical, it loses some by asymmetry.
                        I took a very nice buck 4 years ago. Nice enough I had him scored.
                        Gross, he was a 125 5/8.
                        Minus was 5 3/8.
                        Final score was 120 2/8.
                        No "Booner" by any means, but a nice buck.

                        Had a buddy kill a buck that grossed 172+. B&C country. The left brow tine had a fork that cost the antlers 5 points. The antlers didn't lose any length. The loss was caused by a ruler and asymmetry.
                        ...but his buck will never be in the B&C book!


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                          My avatar deer's split brow knocked off 5 1/2".
                          He netted 166 and change.

                          Doesn't bother me one bit.

                          Its an accepted scoring method, and their rules.
                          One can score their deer or not.
                          They can see how big it is by an established method.......or not.

                          I am curious what he scores. Broken tine sucks.

                          Have a few skull caps and one euro mount.....105 to 131" gross.
                          To me they're just nice. Back room has em all over.
                          Even the ol lady likes em.

                          And smaller ones can sit on shelves and stuff

                          I'd like a 125 net or bigger, w stickbow. But that proly never happen.
                          Grew up varmint hunting and reloading, make no apology for being a rifleman.
                          It's all good.

                          Proly change out my rifle's cheap Leupold rifleman rings for Burris Zee's.
                          Got a pair of lows. Would look better.
                          Even on my dinged up and bluing worn 760.
                          Yes, as a rifleman, that is important.

                          One buck and done, rifle aint gonna be used til next yr.

                          Need to wash my stuff.
                          Think I'll skip hunting and sleep in.
                          Wash my crap and find somebody to do a euro mount.
                          Got no energy.


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                            Originally posted by fitch270 View Post

                            Best guess on this one’s score?

                            I’m terrible at it, no experience.
                            I'm pretty good at guessing typicals. Scoring isn't hard.
                            I do however tend to measure mine a little undersize.
                            Since I don't use a wire/cable.

                            Eh, keeps me honest.



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                              I knew he was mature and had mass so just said "yup, shoot him".
                              Luck of the hunt.
                              Had I not seen something of size by Tues, next weekend would have been "any 8 pt is down".
                              Just got lucky.
                              Did put stand close to road, wide open fields to north. Less than 100 yards from Jeep, maybe 75 from well travelled county road. Buddy thought I was nuts to abandon the creek stand.
                              Snuck up on a decent 9 pt there in 2015 and thought there's something going on right there.
                              New Muddy stand and steps, invested $200 to hunt that crappy wind rippin corner.
                              Paid off.
                              Actually, all the deer but the one I shot, went between me and the trucks, and right up to the road (wall of brush). Crazy. He might have gone there too, if not for a boolit.


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                                He would have been a pretty wide 8 if not for broken tine.
                                Goofy but even in look.
                                Oh well.
                                Didn't age him.
                                Was enough of a chore at 181#, didn't need to grow him bigger LOL




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