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Name:	47785811-39AF-4CB5-8F0D-3BFFCDCDF5F6.jpeg
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Name:	440396A9-CFBE-4F11-980A-27F71EE521D7.jpeg
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ID:	718131 Opening morning, two minutes after legal sunrise. He chases a doe out from behind me, catch him on the run at about 75 yards and take out the top of his heart. Better lucky than good.

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    Happiness is a steaming gut pile! LOL!


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      Congrats !! No sense being out any longer than needed 😀


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        Nice. What load were you using?


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          Originally posted by PigHunter View Post
          Nice. What load were you using?
          Winchester Supreme CT (combined technology) .270 140gr Nosler Accubonds. That’s what I had the rifle zero’d in with for the elk trip so ran them. Wasn’t much difference performance wise between those and the Ballistic Tips I usually use for deer.


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            Congratulations Fitch , your having quite the year! Nice buck !


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              Good job. We saw nothing of size on the opener yesterday.
              Let em all walk.
              It was COLD.
              Today, same (Jeep is defrosting as I type).
              Saw a forky and a doe and three fawns.
              Buddy on south side saw 3 bucks (the biggest a 100" 8) and six antlerless (2 does and 4 fawns).
              Wind is better for me today.
              Well, direction wise. 4 hrs looking into it yesterday hammered me.
              Do not feel well (toothache on top of everything- damaged, patched............lasted 10 yrs.
              Needs yanked now (too bad for crown)...........of course when does it get sensitive? Opener of gun).
              After gun season get it yanked. First time for that kinda fun. See how much an implant is gonna be.


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                Just punched mine. Two other bucks and does. Cant get down. Looks like a decent one.
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                  Not bad Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20191117_081729493_BURST001.jpg
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                    Broken tine dang it. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20191117_083134726.jpg
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ID:	718160


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                      Sweet! You shoot him at bow range? DRT?
                      Pretty cool pic from the stand, gotta love in field reporting!
                      Hope you have help getting that one out, looks heavy.


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                        Awesome heavy, cd2!
                        Spread and point count value go down in ratio to beam weight! LOL!


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                          Originally posted by CD2 View Post
                          Broken tine dang it. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20191117_083134726.jpg
Views:	63
Size:	5.05 MB
ID:	718160
                          Nice buck ‘pres’, but I would imagine you yourself would have been happier it there was a recurve in the photo replacing the rifle ? From reading your previous words, I feel that is where your heart is, maybe ?


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                            Im cold. Had four hours sleep last two days. Popped my elbow too. Yeah i like recurve and proly could have shot him w one ( 25 yards ). Had four smaller bucks and four antlerless for a half hour.....couldnt couldnt get down to see what he was. Thick, decent body, not wide. Good enough. Kid has a tumor, proly benign....but thats kinda got home front a little wacky. Found that out Thursday. Ill be out w bow in morning for doe if i get some sleep. Drag might really make elbow hurt so dunno. Am in jeep waiting for bud to shoot something. Did instant check in already.


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                              He dropped at the shot. Onside shoulder from stand. Was a quick deal, just an " oh crap, shoulder crosshair and down". Lots of thick stuff to right. Plenty of arrow snaggin smaller around too BHR

                              Never flinched. Down and dead right there. 200gr Hornady factory .35 rem. Beater 760 w 4x Leupold.

                              Temped to buy a doe tag and bloody my steyr. But i have a bow doe tag in my pocket and we are a one buck state.

                              Im happy, and not. Busted tine sucks. But a load of meat. Done buck hunting is a downer.....wait a yr and just like that, its over.

                              But im kinda gimped up, plus lots going on at home....there is some pressure off.

                              Was thinking yesterday how it aint worth it. Freezing/ hurting. And then im covered up in deer today.

                              Still dunno if really worth it. But the cold air, leaves and him laying in front of the woods ( i hate field hunting ) just made me feel kinda everything was right in my little world for a moment.

                              Stupid as it a deer hunter in my soul. At least i think I am. And today i was.

                              Easy shot. Not a monster. But it juat feels good.

                              Connected I am.




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