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Hows hunting in Indiana where are some good spotts for turkey, squerrel, and deer.

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  • Hows hunting in Indiana where are some good spotts for turkey, squerrel, and deer.

    Hows hunting in Indiana where are some good spotts for turkey, squerrel, and deer.

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    I don't know first hand but here's what Ive heard...

    If you don't have land or know someone with land you'll have to look towards public land (forest ect)

    I live in west central Indiana (10 miles from IL)there is other forests but they are south of me and I don't know much about them (Hoosier National Forest)

    Owen Putnam State Forest is good for deer hunting. but you got to get there early to get a spot.

    Green Sullivan State Forest is great for fishing and I know they have hunting by permit only.

    Minnehaha is a state reserve with alot of land, I have seen so many turkeys in that area. (never hunted them but during turkey season they limit fishing for safety purposes. I was recently in that area and they have added a lot including dirt bike, ATV, and 4x4 trails which looked like a blast!

    You can probably google, if not I could probably get some #'s if you needed them.


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      Hunting is good in Indiana. Maybe not like Illinois or Wisconsin, but we are one of a few states that has had an increase in hunting license sales. According to this months Field and Stream issue the biggest Boone and Crockett buck of 2008 also came from Indiana -- that says something about the improving deer hunting in Indiana. The Indiana DNR is working hard at improving wildlife habitat and it is paying off. Checkout for more.


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        Sorry, I gave you the wrong link. Go to for info on public land whitetail in Indiana.


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          Hunting is definitely good in Indiana!!!




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