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How long do you coyote callers play a distress call when your on stand. Do you play it non stop the entire time your on stand or

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  • How long do you coyote callers play a distress call when your on stand. Do you play it non stop the entire time your on stand or

    How long do you coyote callers play a distress call when your on stand. Do you play it non stop the entire time your on stand or do you have a stop and start sequence?

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    tough question..many say max at 30 mins then shut it down for abit. But then on some sets I have left it running non stop and had fox almost running me over. could depend on how well the area is hunted and if the coyotes have gotten wise


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      There are many variables that dictate my stands. Time of year, weather, time of day, scarcity or overabundance of game, wind. When I call coyotes I typically limit my stands to 15 minutes, of course I can see a mile or more on most sets. If they haven't poked up after that long they just aren't coming. My typical set- jackrabbit distress for 2-5 minutes. 1 minute of silence followed by 2-5 minutes of baby jack distress. 30 seconds of silence followed by 3-7 minutes of jackrabbit distress.
      For late season yotes that have probably heard a call or five I throw in quite a little bird distress calls, woodpecker, crows anything a little different. I only use howls if a coyote has howled at me during the set, then I challenge and try to set a turf war. Hope this helps.


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        JMO~ Can't go wrong with a 15 Minute call time as said above by others. We(Fl) have found using Electronic Coyote calls( If legal in your state) bring in more yote to bait, then mouth calls.
        50% of fawns are taken by Coyotes and Bears in Fl,Last year our Club Downed 31 yote's using Elec.calls running 15Min at a time with great success.


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          when using a rabbit distress I usually call for about 30 seconds to a minute, and then stop and wait a minute, then repeat. after a little of this I go quiet for maybe 10 minutes. when using fox distress or something similar I let the call run for maybe two or three minutes, then pause, then repeat, etc. An animal in distress doesn't have an unlimited amount of air to make noise. they have to stop yelling at some point.




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