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Hey Guys. I will be hunting the PA opener on Monday and the rut is pretty much full swing here in the mid-Atlantic. What calls

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  • Hey Guys. I will be hunting the PA opener on Monday and the rut is pretty much full swing here in the mid-Atlantic. What calls

    Hey Guys. I will be hunting the PA opener on Monday and the rut is pretty much full swing here in the mid-Atlantic. What calls do you guys recommend if any at all? Thanks, Jack

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    everybody and their brother hunts opening day in PA. for the most part the entire state sounds like a warzone. unless you have an extremely large piece of private property where you can get away from people leave your calls at home and just sit and watch. deer will be getting pushed all day long.


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      Ditto, scratchgolf.
      PA is like Michigan on opening day, you can hear the sunrise.
      I will be in Southern Ohio on Monday.
      Good luck to everyone.


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        The rut is ending at least in the Northern part of the state although there will still be a few does coming into heat a second time that weren't bred earlier. My tactic for the first day is to sit a stand in a heavy cover bedding area from dawn to dusk and, like scratchgolf, let other people push deer. It's supposed to be lower 30's with rain and snow tomorrow- perfect weather to get out the rain gear and warm clothing and sit all day. There will be a lot of cold, damp hunters pushing.

        You may see some rut activity later this week and next week after the crowds go home. I shot a nice 8 point early morning during the second Tuesday of the rifle season 2 years ago that came up a funnel from a feeding to bedding area trailing a doe.


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          Jack, take your lunch and hang in your tree stand all day from dark to dark.

          I have shot more bucks in PA. from 10 am to 2 pm while the impatient masses of deer hunters are walking around stirring up the forest.

          Don't make any sound and leave the calls with the rattling antlers at home. All this will do is tip off the deer where your hidden tree stand is.

          Good Luck!


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            The buck do come in to rattling but use a bag not Antlers too many people out to risk looking like a buck. Cut a wooden broomstick or dowel up into 6-8 inch chunks and put them in a stocking hat to make an easy rattle bag. Good luck to all PA hunters I'm hoping my 13 year old gets a shot tomorrow.


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              I kinda doubt the rut is in full string, does here in IL should be coming into second estrous cycle in about a week.


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                jay, that should be just in time for weekend 2 of gun season. I haven't seen hardly any rut activity this year, and overall movement seems to be very slow. hopefully things will pick up soon.




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