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Has anyone tried the new Toxic broadheads? They look like a great concept to me. My brother and sister-in-law are both using the

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  • Has anyone tried the new Toxic broadheads? They look like a great concept to me. My brother and sister-in-law are both using the

    Has anyone tried the new Toxic broadheads? They look like a great concept to me. My brother and sister-in-law are both using them this year. So far my brother has shot a big bodied 4x4. Hit him downward from a tree stand near the spine. At a 70lb draw, it penetrated heavy rib bones near the spine, both lungs but stopped short of exiting the chest. The deer bolted 70 yards and died instantly. Please let me know of your thoughts and experiences. I am considering them for next year.

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    they are crap in my opinion. they add a ton of drag to the front of the arrow often causing your arrows to drop. I shot one and decided that I will never hunt with them. two of the blades broke apart and one bent in. so half the blades had been destroyed by a foam target. I would hate to see what a solid rib hit or smashing into a shoulder would do.


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      Thanks Mike, it looks like you are the only one with any exposure to them. The big questions I have are: Will they hold together? and Will they penetrate well through bone? I think most razor tipped broadheads fare the way yours did when shot through target material. The razor blades break, although they seem to do fine in game.

      In the one example I have of that (my brother's) the Toxic broadhead held together after cutting tough heavy bone. I would have expected full penetration from most broadheads though but I have seen several Muzzy shots do the same thing (not exiting the chest) with that shot. I hope we hear more about field use.


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        I agree that some actual hunting experience is the true test but I also feel that since there are so many different proven broadheads why use ones that are not proven and have possible issues. we know muzzy, wackum's, stingers, montecs, and a slew of mechanical broadheads that are proven to work well on deer.


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          I guess I like the concept of actually cutting away substantial tissue in the wound channel rather than making a smooth slice. That of course would only be of benefit if it flies straight and holds together well enough to actually work.

          I've had good luck with other broadheads but I still see and hear of way to much crippling and lost game with archery. Always on the look out for something better. I feel that we have advanced a ways since Cochise but we still have room for improvement.


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            Just talked to my brother. He said the Toxic razors were intact and undamaged. He expects to re-use the same broadhead again in the future. He also advised that it flew true just like his 100g field tips. He claimed that one of the virtues that reviewers noticed is the straight flight that is exactly like the field tips.




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