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I have an "L" shaped woods that I hunt, I also have 3 food plots, all of my stands are impossible to get to because we have to w

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  • I have an "L" shaped woods that I hunt, I also have 3 food plots, all of my stands are impossible to get to because we have to w

    I have an "L" shaped woods that I hunt, I also have 3 food plots, all of my stands are impossible to get to because we have to walk threw are food plots to get to them and we can't walk threw the back of the woods because all of are deer are bedding back there any ideas to help? also are deer bed in are woods and they go over to my neighbors big food plot any ideas on how to keep them on are property?

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    two things you can do: 1.)You should know the property by now, but use Google Maps to see if you are missing a pathway available to you 2) I use a 30x30 rule. Lets say sunrise is 7 am, meaning you can start "hunting" at 6:30 - you need to be in your spot by 6am and let the woods calm down and quiet down, etc. - Don't be so concerned that you are going to kick up a buck on your way in. You aren't going to shoot that deer you kick up, you are going to shoot that deer that is 200-600 yards away that comes IN to where you are.

    Also, get yourself a hands free head lamp with a RED light on it. Be ready, load quietly and move slowly.


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      In short, you can't control the deer. The food plots give a great food source but I would just read the wind and walk early. Your other option would be to set up a pop up blind on the other side of your food plot. If you use excellent scent control and play the wind correctly you won't have to worry about them smelling you. The other thing is that you will only spook deer within 30 yards of you if you walk quietly. The above comment about using a red light is true, deer cannot see the red light. Do you have any way of setting up a stand on the opposite side of your food plot?


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        I don't have a way of setting up on the other side of the food plot because its all hay land and red willows that aren't grown up yet we are plating trees this summer to box in are property more. I like the ground blind idea a lot, we were also thinking on building some box stands. do you think cutting a few trails threw the woods might change the way the deer move threw there then maybe they'd be more apt to use are plots?


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          1) I'm calling malarky on the "deer can't see red light" theory. They CAN see it. I know this because I dart deer for research...we use red lights and red lasers for aiming in low light situation and after dark...some deer react strongly to the light and others do not, just like some deer react strongly to a white light and others do all depends on the individual deer.

          2) Food plots attract deer to a property, but to hold deer on your property during daylight hours, you need thick, nasty cover...and you need to STAY OUT OF IT! So fire up the chainsaw and create some thick and nasty sanctuaries.


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            I have never spooked a deer enough to flush him with a red flashlight. Everyone has their own opinion. Maybe the deer heard or saw your movement when you were setting up but I'm not here to argue. I think a lot of it is that deer don't notice the light reflection as well because the red light is absorbed a little more than white light. I didn't say go shining it all over the woods. Anyways You can most definately cut a few trails in your wooded areas, but I would do it later on in the spring and after season. Use scent control this season and if you need to trim up some trails do as little as you can and then let the land sit unhunted for at least a week. The deer will begin to feel safe again and it will be ok. Planting trees will help you add some cover and bioguy1 is right if you have food and cover they will only need to leave for water unless you have a water source as well. I would seriously look at setting up a blind on the other side of your food plot and see what happens. Just be sure to camouflage it the best you can with your surroundings.




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