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Can someone please explain how the rut report map uses data. Specifically I want to understand how the map can change for a spec

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  • Can someone please explain how the rut report map uses data. Specifically I want to understand how the map can change for a spec

    Can someone please explain how the rut report map uses data. Specifically I want to understand how the map can change for a specific day prior to any hunter feedback. For example, when I open the map for today, at 7am, the map has already changed, how could this be? Is the map basically one day behind?

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    First I think I might need to understand your question a little more. Because I don't think your expectation of the map is realistic. This map is going to be an approximation of rut activity based on reports in general regions. Typically you're going to be looking at information from the last 48 hours if I were to guess. And beyond that I'm not sure how any report is going to give you more accurate information and at that point, you just need to be out finding out what the deer in your specific location are doing. I don't want this to come off like I'm being an @ss about it but I'm just saying it sounds like you expect the map to tell you what today is going to bring and that's just not realistic. It's strictly an approximation of general activity and should give you an idea of what should be happening around you.


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      Right, and I agree. I have many hours in the stand and wanted to correlate my experience with what the map is suggesting. I am actually surprised at how accurate it seems to be vs. what I am seeing. Which is why I want to better understand the data input behind the map and if is it projecting past info in conjunction with weather info/etc. to project the current day.


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        jarrapedo - Take the rut map with a grain of salt. Basically, the way it works is people from all over the country enter information based on their observations. A computer algorithm is then used to display a gradient of color from hot-spot to hot-spot. However, cold spots might not actually be "cold spots" in rutting activity. Since the map is dependent on the F&S crowd entering data, the cold spots may actually be spots where there is a lack of people entering data that week. In this manner, the rut heat map is really a better representation of people who enter data into the rut map from week to week than it is an actual rut map.

        Does that mean the rut map is useless? Absolutely not...if people are reporting good rutting activity in most areas of the country (like it is right now), then chances are the rut is in full swing in your neck of the woods as well.

        Don't know if that clarified anything, but I hope it helps.


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          its witchcraft at least that's what I tell the boss


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            Basically everyone with the app log in and look at the map. They report their activity and then a computer program puts the data into the areas on the map and that determines what the map shows. A lot of it depends what hunters are seeing around you area. Also you have to think about how much things can change overnight and think about the hunters who report from their computer. They are reporting after they get home from their hunt or trip so some data is out dated. I assume that the map represents the previous half day. So the evening map represents morning activity and the morning map represents the previous nights activity.




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