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Hi guys. Im 13 and I'm probably gonna get a bow on black Friday. I'm thingking the bear encounter. Should I get the package or s

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  • Hi guys. Im 13 and I'm probably gonna get a bow on black Friday. I'm thingking the bear encounter. Should I get the package or s

    Hi guys. Im 13 and I'm probably gonna get a bow on black Friday. I'm thingking the bear encounter. Should I get the package or should I get the acesorys different. If sepeeate what are some good acecorys? Thanks.

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    At your age I would just go with the package that comes with the bow. In the next few years your draw length will likely change as may your preference in bows. Put as little money in it as you can right now so you can get another bow later. All of the Bear bows and package deals are great for the money.


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      a Mission bow would work well for you. they have an easily adjustable draw length and weight, which is good for growing shooters. I have a mission and it is very accurate and smooth shooting.


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        Do yourself a huge favor and spend some time at an archery outfitter or really anywhere that will help you learn more about your draw length and how you can pick up a bow that will be adjustable as you grow, at least for a little while. You're at an age that can be a little difficult. You may not be able to draw back an adult bow even on the lowest draw weight, or you may already be too strong for a light bow, impossible to tell without knowing you.

        Do you happen to have a mentor of some sort, even if it's just a friend or relative who shoots archery? You didn't really mention what your experience was up to this point so I'm just trying to let you know that learning as much as possible about the things you should be aware of before purchasing is a huge deal.


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          I would checkout(Pun intended) the Diamond Razor Edge. Very nice bow made by BowTech. I baught the bow when I was 13 and by the 3rd shot had to take the weight down to 30 lbs. I has a 30 to 60 lb. range and shoots Fast! I would get a package when you get a bow. Also buy QUALITY NOT QUANTITY
          when I first started out I would buy what I could afford. Then I got smarter and started researching and bought quality. instead of spending $200 on wrest sight and quiver spend $75+ on wrest at least that on sights Check out the IQ sight. Very Nice! and I recommend a hip quiver. I have a 10 inch Bee Stinger stabilizer which some people would call long but makes your shot very steady. ( the reason not to have one to long is so you bow is stable not tipping frontwards but you can get a back stabilizer also it also depends on where you go hunting if in deep brush it may get in the way.) The reason to get Quality is when you get another bow you can transfer the products to that bow. The reason why I got a hip quiver is so I don't get Torque by my bow tipping to the side. Hope this helps. If you need more help let us know.

          P.S. I'm 15 and am still using the bow and still Love It.


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            I do not know anything about the "Stick & String" crowd. But I will offer some advice. Basically the same way you get to Carnage Hall, Practice, Practice and Practice some more.


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              Ditto what SD-whitetail-htr said.
              Please DON"T go to Dicks or Gander Cabela!
              Find a local shop where you can be on a first name basis with the tech or owner. You may pay a bit more, but you support the guy who will be there to take care of your equipement and he will teach you much. My son and I frequent a place where they have target shooting leagues and "techno hunt" too. A good shop will let you try several bows to see which FITS you best and which one you actually shoot best. A good shop will take TIME to talk to you and explain what you need and where your money's going. My son started shooting when he was like 8. He's now 17 and on his 4th bow(Mathew$). I got his old Bear Elecment which I like much. It's a bit heavy, but I shoot it OK. He's getting all the deer! LOL
              Be CAREFUL climbing and have fun!


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                I would recommend getting a package deal until you see if you like archery hunting. If you really take hold of it and enjoy it, then put some money into. Bows don't really hold resale value like a gun so make sure you like the sport before really making the investment.
                Have fun and good luck


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                  Invest a little extra money in TRU Glow sites and getting yourself a Whisker Biscuit to make life easier and more enjoyable to start.

                  ABSOLUTELY find a local shop or pro and don't be dead set or make a decision on "I'm getting this" before you actually go and hold them, shoot them and see how they fit you.

                  I learned that when I went to get my latest bow when I was visiting in New York. The guy at Doc's Archery was extremely helpful and got me into a bow cheaper than I had budgeted and with everything I wanted - so happy I had a person like that to help me out.

                  Not sure where you live (I'm Midwest/Mid South) but he is around Buffalo - - Good luck!!




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