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How many of you have names for the properties or areas that you hunt? I've noticed that between my hunting partner and I, we de

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  • How many of you have names for the properties or areas that you hunt? I've noticed that between my hunting partner and I, we de

    How many of you have names for the properties or areas that you hunt? I've noticed that between my hunting partner and I, we describe spots and plots with a lot of made-up names that we both perfectly understand. Just another little part of hunting that I enjoy thoroughly.

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    Some of mine:

    On opening day, one of us makes our way down to the "Sitting Tree," while the other continues to either the "Big Treestand" or the "Little Treestand." Both have a good view of "Buck Hill," although from different vantages.

    In the afternoon, I usually cross the "Treebridge" and head to "The Corner," sitting in "My Office" which is a enclosed area of cedars. It has an awesome view of the "Corral," where all the rutting buck chase the does.

    Man, I can't wait.


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      We have a name for every field and stand on our property. As well as names for specific areas. we name most of our fields after people (usually last names). It is always nice to kill a deer in the field or stand that bares your name.


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        here out west it is all public land so when me and my partners talk about spots all we always use code names so as to not give away good spots.


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          me and my dad usually call the properties by who owns them, or who used to own them. mill's, ed's, etc. we hunt one place in coleta Il, that we just call "coleta". other places include "the draw" the "north draw" and the north and south side. we aren't real specific.


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            I think most hunters have code names for specific locations on their hunting land in order to communicate with one another. Names like "the gully," "the corner field," the rock wall,"the flat," "sniper ridge" and "Texas Hill" all have meaning to other hunters, and perhaps also to people living in the area.


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              My Photo of "Tar at the Secret Pothole" izza prime example.

              Not such a secret ennymo with Google Earth.

              A hot-headed little man whose houseboat wuzzona nearby creek thought he owned the entire surrounding marsh.

              We have beloved memoriez of "Fire Ant Pothole."


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                Amflyer; you brought back memories. The little cove I caught my first Catfish in Lake George N.Y. has been Catfish Bay even today. The rock I stood on was the launching point for myself my Brother & Father to swim to Scotsman Slide and a climb to see the expanse of the lake. Any Air-Born Rangers out there will appreciate that site as their Plymouth Rock


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                  We have a Large Map of the Lease Marked A to Z and AA and so on each Member has a Number its placed under a letter on the Map that so every one noes were you are,Their some names Hog heaven,turkey lane,the Pond,No mans land(open to all guests hunters)


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                    The Prairie
                    The Hotel (first box blind)
                    Cold Chill Slough
                    Persimmon Slough
                    The Pepper Tree
                    The Dump Road
                    Six Shooter
                    The Allred Place
                    Yep! We pretty much renamed everything.
                    It wasn't until after my dad passed away I found out the landowner called our little shack "Horseshoer Camp"! My dad used to shoe his horses for roundup!


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                      We have more names for the various nooks, crannies, and areas around our hunting grounds than you can shake stick at. Most of them were thought up by my dad and my uncles, and they could be quite creative in this department. I personally prefer to hang out in the area between ”Wards Hillside” and the “Ski Slope,” sometimes going all the way down to “the overlook.” Other times I’ll head up the “Plaster Road” to the top of the hill. My Dad has killed most of his deer in “Antelope valley,” right between “Scruffy’s rock” and “Tormentor’s rock.” My uncle on the other hand is partial to the “rifle pit” and the “Amphitheatre,” near the “Finger Ridges” overlooking “Kidney Swamp” We have other names for places off our property too, such as “The Bone Forest” (found an inordinate number of animal skeletons in there once, including a moose.) Others have passed into history and become new places, “Squirrel Valley” having become the “Near Food Plot.”


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                        I call mine names like South Dakota, Montana, etc.


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                          Places like Tater Mesa, Buckskin, Head of Shorty's, Kenny's Corner, Cattle Gap, Big Rock, Rocky Saddle, Gnat Flat, and Skillet Ridge come to mind...


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                            We would have names for all of our tree stands.
                            Here is nine of are tree stand names.

                            1. Deep stand

                            2. Bulldog stand

                            3. High stand

                            4. The Funnel stand

                            5. The Zoo tree stand

                            6. Wayne's Eight Pointer stand

                            7. Fence stand

                            8. Beaver Pond stand

                            9. Bobcat stand




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