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How big of a factor do moon phases play in deer activity? Would it or would it not be smart to mark my calendar, on days that i

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  • How big of a factor do moon phases play in deer activity? Would it or would it not be smart to mark my calendar, on days that i

    How big of a factor do moon phases play in deer activity? Would it or would it not be smart to mark my calendar, on days that i should hunt by the phase the moon on that day?

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    You cant go wrong with that!Depending on what State you in. For Southern states the Rut can start in July and go all the way to January.


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      So many people today look for ways to make deer hunting easier.
      Food plots.
      Scent control.
      Playing the wind.
      Range finders.
      ...and on and on.

      Amigo, if you're not in your stand or blind, you ain't killing nothing!
      The very best days to hunt are the days you can go.

      Do "moon phases" affect deer movement? I suppose.

      I have a two week season. If I waited for the perfect wind and perfect moon phase, I'd be lucky to hunt one day a season! LOL!

      Best advice?
      Go every chance you get! That's the best way to increase your chances for success!


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        Hunted with a guy who whined about not seeing deer.
        He'd hunt Sat morning, then head home for college football.
        Then he'd hunt Sun morning and leave his stand at 9am so he wouldn't misd a NFL kickoff!
        T'giving, while everybody else was hunting, he watched football non-stop until Sunday night!

        He never saw a deer because he wasn't in his stand.
        He left our lease because, "There's not any deer."
        I hated to see him leave! If there was a football game on, you knew yoy could hunt Jack's stand....and he had a primo spot!


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          Some people swear by the moon phases. I don't know much about it but I've been told that the full moon will bring deer out during the day more than they would be during a new moon for ex. I agree with firstbubba, just get out and hunt because you never know. And even a bad days hunting is better than a good day working


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            Speaking of the rut, it is important to be in the woods during the PEAK of the rut, those wonderful few days when the majority of the does in your area come into heat - that 48-hour period of time during which females are receptive to breeding.
            Does may breed over a period of a month, but there is usually about one week during that time when bucks throw caution to the wind and are in constant search for a girlfriend.
            This brief lapse in judgment gives hunters a chance to bag the buck of a lifetime out in the open in broad daylight.
            This is the time when hunters should plan on being in their stands for longer intervals of time, and resist the urge to hunt only the first few hours of daylight and the last few hours before dusk.


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              I appreciate the help you guys! Check out my profile and see what I'm after this year. Thanks for the advice again.




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