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I have never butchered a deer. We typically skin it then cut off the major portions and take them whole to a processor but I wan

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    I've never done it properly. I separate the muscles individually and decide by size and what muscle type they are what they're going to be. back-straps = steaks. larger thicker pieces are roast if the roast is small I cut it into steaks. parts like the legs that are tendony I make hamburger, the grate at the end of it separates the tendons from meat. small pieces I use for stew. So I end up with steaks, stew, hamburger, and roast when I'm done. If i have the extra money i get 50/50 pepperoni sticks made. I'm intrigued by the cut chart now. But that's how my wife and I have done it for the last 5 years.




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