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So I am thinking about putting out some supplement after deer season here in Indiana. I am thinking that a high protein high fa

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  • So I am thinking about putting out some supplement after deer season here in Indiana. I am thinking that a high protein high fa

    So I am thinking about putting out some supplement after deer season here in Indiana. I am thinking that a high protein high fat food would be the best for the possible hard Northern Indiana weather. What have you used and what do you like? Is corn and soybean mixed with salt good enough or should there be something else mixed in? Would you go to a feed mill or a store like TSC or Big R? Thanks

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    It don't get that cold here in Fl, But after the deer season is over we Harrow all the food plots and plant Winter Rye...just to keep them coming in to feed. and Turkeys luv it.


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      Part of my problem is that I do not have anywhere that I can plant. Everything has to be a block or a pile. I hunt on other people land since I own none. My cousins may not be a big fan of it me trying to keep deer on their property since they are grain farmers but that being said I can pretty much do what I want on their property also. No turkeys on any of my properties that I have seen


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        If your cousins are grain farmers, pay them to keep a little bit of the crop standing each year in strategic locations...tell them it is so you can kill the deer more effectively. This will help feed the deer during the's a food plot that you didn't need to plant, and if you mark off exactly where you want it, you can give yourself a wind advantage along with a dynamite stand location.

        Avoid supplemental feeding if at all possible, and try to modify habitat as much as you can to meet your objectives. It might not be your land, but there are ways to modify habitat without the landowner knowing that's what you're doing. For example, "cutting firewood" might be cutting firewood for real but if you focus your tree cutting in such a manner that you're actually doing a mast tree release, your cousins will get more commercial value out of their woods, they trees you release will produce more mast for deer, and you will get's a win-win for everyone.




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