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Antelope, elk and deer seasons are here or coming soon. I like to see all the hunters getting set up for their seasons out at th

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  • Antelope, elk and deer seasons are here or coming soon. I like to see all the hunters getting set up for their seasons out at th

    Antelope, elk and deer seasons are here or coming soon. I like to see all the hunters getting set up for their seasons out at the range, and discussing their setup. Let's hear what you're hunting this season, which rifle, caliber and load you chose, and anything interesting about your rifle out have to share. For some of us "collectors," choosing a rifle for the hunt can be a bit difficult. But beware the man (or woman) with one gun!

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    For deer this November, I'm carrying a M70 winchester with a leupold 2.5-8X if it's dry, and a Tikka t3 stainless with a Zeiss Conquest if it's wet. Both are 30-06s, and I shoot 165grain Hornady SPs through both. Good deer bullets.

    Haven't taken any game with the Tikka, but the Winchester has taken four animals so far.


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      Next Monday I'll be taking my Parker bow to a date in the cornfield to hopefully get a nice 8 point I've been getting morning pics of. Then I'll be taking my Remington fieldmaster .22lr for some squirrels during the day and coons at night. When pheasant opens up I always take my Harington & Richardson 16 gauge pump for a walk. Pa has a 1 week muzzleloader doe season in mid October and I'll either take my father in law's Flintlock which is about 40 years old. It's a Traditions 50cal. Or I'll be carrying a Traditions 50cal in-line. When deer/rifle opens depending where I'll be hunting I take either a custom made 30-06 or a Remington .243.


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        I carried my ERShaw MKVII in .308 with a Leupold VXR 2x7x33 for bear but did not pull the trigger. I had a small bear in my crosshairs for about 5 min but he did not offer a decent shot before leaving. I use 180gr Barnes MRX(now discontinued) for the bears.
        I am hoping to break in my Ruger #1 in 7x57 during deer season. It wears a Leupold FX 2.5X. It seems to shoot the 139gr Hornady Superformance GMX just fine on paper. If it's wet out I use a CVA Optima in 45/70 with Leupold's muzzleloader scope in 3x9x40 shooting 300gr Barnes TSX FN.
        Ain't guns fun?
        Happy hunting to you all.


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          For nearly forty years I only used one gun, a 30-06 Springfield and 180 grain spitzer bullets. Shot lots of deer, elk, and moose just fine ... and one antelope (I generally didn't bother with those scrawny stinky things).

          Beware the man/woman who drags a bunch of guns into the field. They're usually more interested in fiddling with their tools than actually using them.


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            I'll be using my Ruger M77 25-06 with 120 grain speer handloads for deer and my 30-06 03-A3 with 165 grain barnes tsx handloads for elk. Didn't draw my antelope tag this year, maybe next year.


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              NEF .50cal ML in Ohio 10/12 for 2 days
              Ohio archery, Barnett X bow 10/15-25
              New York Adirondacks Nov 10 .300Wby Mark V
              New York Southern tier Nov 16 Remington 700 30-06
              Ohio Dec 2-8 Browning BPS 12ga and S&W .44mag.
              Tentative dates.


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                OK, "Cave Canem" then (yes, it's Latin).

                Ah'm a big fan of the T/C Encore.

                Looks like Ah'm gonna do it again.

                Very accurate roffle, user-friendly shotgun with adjustable trigger, vent rib.

                Almost enny caliber, 12 and 20 gauge.

                Ah like the .257 Weatherby and 12 gauge.


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                  Elk - .300 Weatherby Mark V, Burris Signature Select 3-12x44, 165 Barnes TTSX.

                  Deer - 7mm Weatherby Mark V, Burris Signature Select 3-10x42, 150 Barnes TTSX.

                  Back-up - .30-06 Mark V Lightweight, Leupold 3-9x40x, Barnes 165 TSX.

                  See a trend here?


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                    Woops, for the big Roy, 168 gr TTSX, not 165.


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                      Elk: .300 Dakota on custom Mauser with 6-24x50 Vortex Viper PST FFP & 210g Berger bullets. Backup and black timber: 30-06 Howa 1500 with Nikon Monarch 2.5-10x50 and 168g Barnes TTSX. You can see them on my profile.

                      Mule Deer: One of the above. If I get my elk quickly, I'll switch to the 25-06 below.

                      Antelope: 25-06 Rem Sendero, Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24x50 and 100g Hornady Interbond or Sierra Game Kings depending on conditions.

                      I like the Leupold scopes too and have always used them but this year I'm using other scopes just to give them a fair try... other scopes are getting better. The Vortex and Bushnell scopes have reticles that let me range and shoot long range shots within seconds. The Viper ranging/holdover is good to 1000 yards and beyond, the Bushnell to 600 yards.


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                        Same as always, 7mm WBY mag with 160 Accubonds. Go to gun


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                          Same as always, 7mm WBY mag with 160 Accubonds. Go to gun


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                            Deer and turkey.. Hoyt Buffalo 55 lb recurve.

                            Coyote... Browning Safari High Power 22-250 w/ Nitrex scope topped with ND-3 Subzero light.


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                              Taking my boy out for his first archery hunt saturday. Most ofmy season will be spent getting him out and keeping it interesting. looking forward to it greatly. We will be doing archery, rifle, and some small game too hopefully.




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