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I haven't been on the Answers forum for a while, but I figured I would jump on since I finally got a weekend off. Went out this

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  • Reply to Changing it yp
    by Milldawg
    I’ve been savings my Money like a mad man and I’m fixing to go on a buying spree soon. I don’t feel like prices will adjust for a long time. So...
    Today, 09:08 AM
  • Changing it yp
    by Old_Sarge
    During these last few years with Covid-19 pandemic and the surge in firearms sales we experienced a heck of an ammo shortage. I can’t speak for the...
    06-23-2022, 10:54 PM
  • Reply to SCOTUS in action!
    by 99explorer
    Until it was reversed, Roe v. Wade was the LAW on abortion.
    It was the precedent that had to be respected by every other court in the land....
    Today, 09:04 AM
  • SCOTUS in action!
    by FirstBubba
    SCOTUS has overturned Roe vs Wade and Casey vs Planned Parenthood.

    Hot time in DC tonight.
    The (d)'s just thought 1/6 was a big deal!...
    Yesterday, 11:13 AM
  • Reply to You guys are sleeping
    by FirstBubba
    It's good you don't have those problems....there.
    Recently read on another blog a gent was selling out his NY property and moving out-of-state because...
    Today, 07:44 AM

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