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I've been around hunting for a long time. Recently I'm getting into using satellite and topo maps to help me in the field by pr

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  • I've been around hunting for a long time. Recently I'm getting into using satellite and topo maps to help me in the field by pr

    I've been around hunting for a long time. Recently I'm getting into using satellite and topo maps to help me in the field by predicting deer routes. The property I'm hunting is relatively new to me. As I read articles on this its easy to apply the strategies to my land "on paper". My issue is the land I hunt on is very brushy and thick and not accessible in a lot of places where the deer should be moving according to the maps. My question is: will the deer still move the same with the underbrush being so thick as they would if it was a more open woods? Or will they route to the trails already in existence even this it may not be along a ridge, or something more favorable to them?

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    Deers made the trails in the first place.

    It's where they like to go.

    They are prey, and their means of survival is speed.

    I've seen them conceal themselves on the other side of brush, but never in it.

    All the deer thet ever traveled on ridges have become extinct.


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      Brush you may think is impenetrable, to a deer is like the Holland Tunnel.
      They can disappear like a ghost in an instant and feel very comfortable doing so.


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        The topo maps and satellite images can help you identify likely travel routes such as saddles between ridges, streams, lakes, and meadows. You have to set foot in the thick brush to find their trails though. They make and follow the trails so that they can move quickly and quietly through the thick brush. Finding an intersection of these heavily used trails is a hot spot. One thing I've noticed also is that as hunting pressure increases, more deer show up in the really thick brush to hide so you may see a lot more deer in thick patches as the season progresses.


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          I have found in 58Yr of White Tail Hunting, Deer are like Lazy People, They will follow the Path of least Resistance, Cut 2-3 Shooting lanes that lead to your Stand. and block some other trails. My .2cents worth.


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            I agree with 'Treestand'. Deer will always use the path of least resistance. Thick brush is a great spot for monster whitetails though. Best advice is to find a tree near the corner of the thicket and put up a stand there.




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