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can anyone help give me a good run through on how to scout for whitetail deer? in my state baiting is legal therefore I have al

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  • can anyone help give me a good run through on how to scout for whitetail deer? in my state baiting is legal therefore I have al

    can anyone help give me a good run through on how to scout for whitetail deer? in my state baiting is legal therefore I have always just went in the woods and picked a tree and threw some corn on the ground to attract the deer too. I want to learn how to scout for deer activity so I wont have to rely on the baiting so much. all tips will help! thanks!

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    I would start off looking for sign such as traveled trails. Deer follow certain trails continuously and will have worn down trails, you should see there hoof prints in them. That would be the 1st thing to look for. Everything else is up for debate. If you live in a warm dry climate look for water. Locate food source connecting to the trails as well as bedding areas. Bucks will leave rubs that are visible year round, more so in the fall but in the spring their rubs are still there but less visible. Your best way to find an ideal hunting spot is searching after the season in the winter. Assuming you live in an area that receives snow, snow can be your best scouting tool! Travel corridors are easily found and bedding locations are also. After this season follow the snow if you're able to and next season you will have a great idea where it is best to set up for your hunt.


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      Great advice from Dcast. I would only add that whitetails are creatures of habit and like to follow trails from bedding to food areas because they are much quieter than the dry leafy woods. If you can find two heavily used trails crossing, you have a great spot.


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        Trail Cameras are my favorite tool.

        I go in the woods at night with a mini flashlight with a green lens.
        I where rubber boots with rubber gloves and switch all my trail camera memory cards and get out of Dodge, immediately.

        I go home and go on the computer to check out the memory cards for the results. Works like a charm and I didn‘t stink up the forest.




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