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does anyone think it should be a crime for mentally ill people to hunt? please know your fact's before commenting. don't be stup

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  • does anyone think it should be a crime for mentally ill people to hunt? please know your fact's before commenting. don't be stup

    does anyone think it should be a crime for mentally ill people to hunt? please know your fact's before commenting. don't be stupid and say no they are killer's because statistically you are more likely to kill them in a dispute than they to kill you. but does anyone think it should be banned? I my self do not simply because i am bipolar. this is not a loaded question no one is going to get reported if they criticize me i was just curious what is your take on it. 1. i am 26 years old i drive i do everything u do and more i hold 14 certification's with fema and have held a security clearence and have built naval destroyer ship's. and i serve in Mississippi state guard. I have owned over 318 fire arm's in my life time all of which of that where sold where sold legally. I have 0 criminal history never comited a crime. never been in a fist fight besides training.

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    Wow, you are impressive!


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      Hey cj do you know how to remove a post when i posted this my internet lagged and it loaded out multiple copies of this. I found edit but I could not find a delete button for the other five duplicate's have any clue as to how on earth to delete them? I am new I just joined today so I do not know the user interface of this site very well. Also it seem's to load out very slow for me I dunno why.


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        Here in Wasshington, it is illegal for a person who has been adjudicated insane to possess a firearm.

        Ah've owned over 50 guns.

        From a .17 Remington to a .50 BMG.

        Ah wuz on a roffle team and mah instructor wuzza Korean War veteran who had more stripes than sleeves and wuz the ROTC Small Arms instructor at Springhill College and he took me to the armory one day and taught me how to shoot a pistol accurately.

        Some people think I'm a little crazy, butt ifn they want to see someone who's fukked up, they only need to look in the mirror.

        Besides, Ah've been to psychologists three times for psych evals and been declared Normal (except fur IQ), so it ain't me whut's outta step.

        Ah used to work at Litton Navy shipyard too, butt it wuzza long time ago.

        Ah have held Secret Security clearances and Ah hadda few fights (folks who have significant Indian Blood gots no choice), but not since Ah got past 200 lbs and became a student of martial arts.

        Ah druther be crazy than stupid!

        Ah'm just a normal person out here and the hunting and fishing are better.


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          Butt Ah duzzn't know ennything...

          Ah just come here to git mah 100 points for the day.

          Gonna git mah gear
          Gonna drink that beer.Gonna git in mah ride, Gonna git outta here!


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            click the submit button once, if you don't mind.


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              To hunt, no (hunting does not require a firearm...lots of people use a firearm) purchase a firearm...well that's a different story. Certainly there are exceptions to every rule, and perhaps you would be the exception, but knowingly selling firearms to people with mental illnesses is not a responsible practice.

              My father was diagnosed with depression about 10 years ago. He was delusional and unpredictable. My mother and I took all of the guns in the house to my uncle's where they were protected in a safe that he didn't have the combination to. We didn't want to think he would do anything to us or himself, but he wasn't himself, he wasn't thinking clearly, and it was scary, so we took precautions...not everybody does that.

              He's fine now (and has been for 9 years now), and we brought all the guns back and he hunts regularly, but there is comfort in knowing that he or someone else suffering from depression would not be able to purchase a firearm from a gun shop. We control the firearms usage in our own home and take it seriously. We know he has this condition and it could pop up again at any time...but we also know that it's not something that pops up over night. There are warning signals, and we pay very close attention to his behavior. If there is any sign he's dropping back into depression, we lock the guns up, change the safe combination, and get him help immediately.

              That's my story...take it for what it's worth.


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                This website has too much junk cluttering up the side bars and ad space, so it runs slow anyways. And the delete button is under the "categorize it" section to the right of the "preview" button.

                Now to answer your question, I guess it would have to be based on if they were deemed "dangerous to society", most of the murders by mentally unstable people were committed by people who had been reported as being dangerous and unstable. 95% of the time officials ignored the warnings and would rather sit in the office and eat donuts rather than do something, and because of that people got killed.
                Not every mentally ill person is dangerous and I think that a lot of times it might be good therapy for them to at least go with someone hunting, maybe not by themselves.


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                  What kind of naval destroyer have you built?


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                    Hey stateguard, "Welcome to Field and Stream".

                    Multiple posts are something we all have done. Hit the submit button once when you post a question or a comment. It takes a while but it does pop up. Give it ten minutes to appear.

                    As far as your question you need to check with the Fish and Wildlife Department in your State.
                    Your question goes much further than the law. They need to talk with their personal psychiatrist about this. Your psychiatrist can answer your questions better than anyone on this Forum.

                    I have worked inside a mentally ill state institution for three years, back in the late seventies. Ninety per cent of those residents I wouldn't go hunting with or trust with a gun.

                    One mentally ill resident caught the biggest largemouth bass on a rapala inside the institution property lake. The lake had a fence around it and he had an employee attendant by his side so he wouldn't fall in the lake and drown.
                    That resident could properly out fish us all.


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                      I Don't know about state hospital's gary those are basically long term adjuducated insane. you have to be a threat to your self are other's to go there. are lie if your desperate enough for attention. I had a friend lie to get in then when she was caught even though she was mentally ill they tried to bring up charges after throwing her out. she had schizoaffective dissorder. Me I hunt I own lot's of gun's and to answer the guys question about destroyer's I worked for nothrop grumman and worked on ddg 109 and several other's and some air craft carrier's my father run's cooling system's for felinx and other certain thing's I cant talk about. but I am active duty state guard i have a paper from a phych saying non dangerous so i could get my concealed cary licence. I have shot a warning shot at a guy once for stealing stuff out of my shed. But i am very well minded id never want to of had to of shot him though he was armed with a saturday night special he dropped it i called the police. I thought maybe they could trace the guy from his jimenz pistol but it was stolen they took it with them. but anyways back to hunting no I can hunt I am not adjudicated insaine we are talking about two different thing's here. to be adjudicated insaine means you are a danger to your self and other's a judge must do it. I just seek voulentarely help. My couzin who is schizophrenic and i have been hunting since we were like 12 on our own. I had my first gun when i was 10 and shooting it unsupervised. u must understand though where i live is secluded and to top it off my father taught me along time about gun's were not some white trash people who throw a 10 year old a gun with no knowledge. in the country you have to do what you have to do. we used to some what live off the land. I actually have only killed one dear but enough squirrels to fill up five pick up truck's we own 49 acres and 10 more in george county ms. so yeah i am a certified red neck lol. plus i was shooting pellet guns since i was 5 every day. 410 was my first gun i actually still have that thing shooting it now its like shooting a bull pup riffle lol the stock was resized for me as a child. I have a gun smith buddy he was like u should totally throw a 357 barrel on it lol. i have thought about it it be fun to shoot. but I prob want ever get around to it. oh yeahs speaking of ddg 109 it is on the film battle ship


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                        I believe there should be a equal right's ordeal over this crazy people kill people controversy. not a killers are crazy majority isn't not all mentally ill people are killer's it is just that simple. It should be judged by the individual I have a ccl and soon I will have an ffl for c&r but I am hesitant to send it in. Not because of the mental ordeal like i said it doesn't count against me i am sane just living with bipolar dissorder. I much more worry about the atf not paranoid wise but I hear they are a big pain to deal with. Does any of you happen to have a curio and relics federal fire arm's licence? and if you do is the paper work a big pain? not the application but the up keep?


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                          Gary did you work in a mental hospital state wise? are a mental health hospital known as a sanitarium are a hospital known as a insaine assylum are was it just a behavior health clinic they are not the same thing none of the above are.


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                            P.S You couldn't pay me to work in an insaine assylum that is for serial killer's and stuff. I wouldn't even want to work in a state sanitarium just the harsh enviroment and all of the negativity surrounding them. It is a bad atmosphere for both patient and both medical people.


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                              stateguard, it wasn't as bad as an insane asylum there were no murderers in there.

                              All the mentally ill residents were men who walked around freely. Sometimes they would walk by in the nude after tearing off their clothing.

                              One cottage building on the property was always locked up and you needed a back-up guard with you when you went inside.
                              You could get hurt inside that building and many have.




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