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WAM recently posted an answer that he shoots a 7mmWbyMag in a 3" group/POI offhand at 100yds, no sling or rest. How many check

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    While I am a Tide fan (and alumnus), I may be prone to hyperbole, but can also lay out some Benjamins for a good ol' back 40 range shoot for the doubters with equal portions of brag, just fact.

    Neither would I take a 200 yard offhand shot. I passed up the best opportunity for an elk last year not being able to get in a stable shooting position in time.



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      Ah'm beginning to believe there's something in the water in Tuscaloosa thet makes us talk like Muhammed Ali.

      And be quick to call ennybuddy's bluff!


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        Alumnus? No kidding.

        Last time I remember my alumnus (Bugeaters of NE) having a chance to beat the tide was probably back in '70 and '71.

        I'd love to have a shootin' match with you, but I'm too damn tight to spend any money betting on it. I think the loss of face would be worse than a few hundred buck anyway.

        How bout this: Next time at the range, fire ONE three-shot group, offhand, no mulligans, and post the center-to-center measurement. Gentleman's rules. Use your most accurate shooting stick, centerfire only. Deer or above calibers.

        Loser has to sport the winners football team logo as their picture on this site for a week come the beginning of September.

        I'm not great offhand, but I'm game.


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          At our lease we have a 8"steel at 100yd if you can hit it offhand, no need to sight-in but we all sight-in any way.


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            Would that be alumnus or alma mater?

            A friend of mine from Kearney, NE once confided in me that the "N" on the helmet stood for "Nowledge".

            Go Huskers!

            I have to admit that the furthest hole was 5" from center of the bull, but a 3" group nonetheless!



            • #21

              Anyone who knows me will vouch that I will throw down in a heartbeat. Those pulp mills were too close! LOL



              • #22

                Damn. Damn. Damn. I swear English is my first language. And I believe Webster has it spelled "Nolledge."


                • #23
                  WAM -

                  Yeah, it affected evvabuddy Ah knowed, too.

                  Nobuddy got away with enny conjecture, especially if it could be proven by some kind of a contest.

                  It would be like Paul Newman saying he could eat 50 eggs in "Cool Hand Luke."

                  People would even debate if Bama football wuzza false religion.

                  Ah wuz walking to class one day and Ah seen Bear Bryant coming toward me down the sidewalk.

                  Ah said,"Nice day, Bear."

                  He said,"Thank you."


                  • #24
                    I never "check" my rifle with an off-hand shot. I always bench check it under as static conditions as I can find to be sure all equipment is at zero.

                    I practice off hand shots, just in case, but never use it to sight-in or check a weapon.


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                      My friend from Kearney could not spell "nollege" either owing to the fact that he was a U.S. Naval Academy graduate.


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                        Always liked Tom Osborne and his brand of Husker football. Even watched them whup Kansas State 38-24 in December, 1992 in the Tokyo Dome. My bud and I hung out in the parking lot as our charter bus from Yokosuka was parked next to the Nebraska team busses and we got Tom's autograph. Texas A&M used to be my second favorite team, but now with the snot Johnny Manziel and TA&M in the SEC, #2 goes to Big Red.

                        But I digress...


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                          I wish I would have tested my rifle after arriving in the bush on one Alaskan hunt. I now always test the rifle's point of aim.




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