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Anybody else about fed up with this site? I know i am. It takes forever to load a(i have a new dell inspiron and great interne

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  • Anybody else about fed up with this site? I know i am. It takes forever to load a(i have a new dell inspiron and great interne

    Anybody else about fed up with this site? I know i am. It takes forever to load a(i have a new dell inspiron and great internet) and it is constanly giving me issues. i.e. it wont keep me logged in, and it wont let me upload photos (after the last one i uploaded). There has to be a solution. -Jack

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    Jack, I was just about to blow a fuse on here too. Hard to imagine it could get worse but this past week it has been almost impossible to make this site work. My computer and connection are plenty fast too. It's a growing mess!


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      Try Deer and Deer Hunter


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        I note with a smile the logo in upper right corner: "Field and Stream: World's Leading Outdoor Website." What are the second-rate sites like? They must be really awful! :-)


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            If more malcontents left, might be more bandwidth for others?


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              It seems like every two days somebody is posting a complaint about the website.

              They say "The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil".
              Does the Field and Stream staff know that saying?
              Where is the oil or the website correction?

              DEER30 has his own website.
              Maybe DEER30 can “spoon feed them” on how to do it properly?


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                Maybe if they weren't too busy putting hyperlinks in our questions and posts, it would be a better website.


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                  Whoa! What happened? Things are moving at warp speed this morning. I don't think I have seen this site work this well in ... well, never! Amazing! Hope it's not just a temporary hiccup.


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                    All the above are true. But it's a small price to pay for unbiased product evaluation and hunting and fishing techniques from across America. Also if you get board with the usual Stress Tests on this site they change it up. My previous post which I abandoned because when I went to hit submit; it would move down the page ahead of my cursor. Just when you thought it was safe to go into the Internet.


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                      Yup im sick of this websites slowness but i learn alot from it so its the price you pay.


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                        There is a solution, certainly. But it costs money and the financial benefits to the owners might not justify further development work. In spite of its issues, this enjoyable site provides content that is of interest to us sportsmen and I have certainly enjoyed it and learned much from it over the years.

                        I recently retired from a career of delivering software/Web sites and have had to rectify these types of issues many times. I would offer the following top five suggestions as constructive advice based on my observations of the end product:

                        1. The free package (WordPress) used as the basis for this site might not be intended for such voluminous content, such widespread advertising, nor the access rates being experienced. This package may not support concurrency of software execution and configuration of software components across multiple servers. It may not take advantage of additional memory to cache content for faster presentation. Finally, the implementation of this package has limitations on use across a wide spectrum of browsers. Something like a push-button or navigation link does not behave the same way or at all on some versions of browser. The decision is centered around use of another (more costly) package or constraining use to the limitations of WordPress and tolerate the issues caused by continuous browser changes occurring daily around the world.

                        2. The configuration of server(s) may be causing random performance and concurrenty issues (e.g. processor, memory, disk, channel and software (PHP) memory configuration parameters, etc.). Lately, WordPress has been experiencing PHP memory configuration defects as well. These have been producing serious performance problems in sites like this. The decision is whether or not to engage a professional to assist in configuring your server knowing the limitations of PHP.

                        3. Given the constraints imposed by 1& 2 above, Web pages may be over-saturated with content, making them display way too slow and consuming excessive server resources. The decision is whether to trade off advertising content and technique for performance.

                        4. Customization of plug-in components (e.g. site authorization and content filtering) may be done by people who don't understand software design concepts applying to best practices, concurrency constraints of the server and coding language (PHP) constrains). They may be selecting defective components or introducing even more browser constraints among the many publicly used versions of browser in use. The decision is whether to establish a rigorous component selection process involving cross-browser testing, implementation of custom plug-ins and enlisting the aid of professionals to assist.

                        5. It appears that changes are not thoroughly tested and verified across browsers before they are introduced to the production site. This is especially important when components and staff exhibit the error rate seen here. The decision is whether to invest in cross-browser testing as part of the site change management production process.

                        My personal biggest issue lately has been with the log-in logic. A change was made about a month ago that has caused serious issues with authentication. Log-in dialogs fail and don't execute consistently across the several pages where log-in dialogs are presented which indicates a concurrency or state management issue in addition to logic defects. It often takes me 15-30 minutes to complete a log-in after changing from one page's dialogue to another using IE 9.0.

                        The folks at Bonnier may already be well aware of these suggestions but if not, I hope they are of assistance. I only offer them as a friend helping a friend just like I would help a kid learn to fish. I also hope they realize that to understand what is occuring in more depth requires a more in-depth investigation and observation of more than the browser side of the product.

                        I'm happy to hang in there and enjoy the exchange of sporting information though, even it it continues as it has been. This is still my favorite site because of the content, writers and members that make it very GOOD!


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                's slower than molasses in a squirt gun.


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                            Impressive, Dakota. That's a very big spoonful. I hope someone will give it consideration. Thank you for making a huge effort above and beyond the call of duty. Give the man a medal!


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                              Dakota I believe you exemplify what I like most about this site. Some very clear concise feed back from a guy not around the block. Sorry I can only give you ONE +1.




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