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Just as difficult as finding the answer to the meaning of life, does anyone know where I can find a place to hunt hogs for free

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  • Just as difficult as finding the answer to the meaning of life, does anyone know where I can find a place to hunt hogs for free

    Just as difficult as finding the answer to the meaning of life, does anyone know where I can find a place to hunt hogs for free in Texas? Most answers I get is, "Start just asking farmers and ranchers," but I'm not currently in the US so I don't have the luxury. Is there any sort of list of known ranchers who if you call they'll let you help them kill some feral hogs for free?

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    I can only presume you're serving in the American military overseas somewhere. In that case, thank you for your service.

    As for the "free" hog hunting, are you kidding?

    Yep! There's public land in Texas you can hunt for free, but don't expect a landowner to just "give" access to their property to a perfect stranger armed with a rifle. Hunting another man's property for free takes developing a relationship that's more than just a phone call!


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      Bubba is correct about free hunting on public land. Contact the Texas Fish and Wildlife Department for locations of state and federal land to hunt.

      I would take out a small ad out in the newspaper asking for land to hunt hogs. Hogs do a lot of damage to the property and some land owners want to get rid of them.

      If you are in the military mention that in your ad. I would join the NRA so you can get their hunting insurance because no land owner wants to get suit because someone got hurt or killed on his property. Get an attorney to draft an affidavit that the landowner will not be liable if anything should happen to you on his property. Mention in your ad that you are fully insured.

      It doesn’t hurt to mention in the ad that you’re willing to pay a monetary fee. Every landowner needs help with their taxes or helping them with chores on their property.

      Thanks for serving and good luck.


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        I lived in Texas there is only 1% of State Land open to the Public for Hunting the rest is Hunting Lease Land, try Florida we have Tons of Open State Land WMA...but just like Texas Lease Hunting is Big Dollars here also.
        Good Luck


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          Appreciate the answers, and yes, you guys are correct I'm serving overseas. Your gratitude does not go unnoticed.

          I think I'm just over-sensitized to hunting in areas like Washington, Missouri, and Pennsylvania where finding state game lands is fairly easy.

          I haven't heard of the NRA insurance before, that's a very interesting point. Never thought that I'd almost have to provide proof of insurance to hunt. I agree that landowners face a high amount of risk, especially in a sue-happy culture we face, and they should be compensated. I don't mind paying a small fee to gain access to land, but the only ads I'm seeing are people charging per lbs or per hog.

          Thanks for the advice!


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            There is a lot of hoopla about the hog problem in Texas. Diseases, crop destruction, even people afraid to allow children and pets out in their property. Yet try to hunt them and you will be facing a sizable fee. If those hogs come to PA, they would be better controlled. But I heard that pigs are very smart, so I guess they will stay out.


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              PAShooter: I bet the hogs saw what happened to the doe population and realized that Pennsylvanians enjoy having deer around, imagine what they'd do to a species they didn't like.




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