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i have been hunting for a few years now and a farm behind my house i hunt on the outskirts like in my neighbors yards in treesta

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  • i have been hunting for a few years now and a farm behind my house i hunt on the outskirts like in my neighbors yards in treesta

    i have been hunting for a few years now and a farm behind my house i hunt on the outskirts like in my neighbors yards in treestands. The farmer has left the fields fallow for four years to let the soil increase the richness because the soil was used for many years and was becoming less rich. he plowed and planted corn in all the fields except the one i hunt in. all the deer have been feeding in their and i want to attract them into my field. Im not allowed to hunt the other fields because another hunter hunts there and he doesnt like me. should i make a small foodplot, put attractant out, apples? I cant figure out a good plan on these deer and the bucks wont come out of the woods, so how can i get them in my field and not the corn field?

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    I made a small food plot with "Whitetail Imperial" and the deer ate it all up before archery hunting season ever started.
    Even the ground was all torn up.


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      it is hard to draw deer away from corn. It is by far, one of their favorite food sources. If you can create a small secluded food plot, you may find that the bucks will hit your spot first one their way to the larger more open fields.

      Creating a "staging area" where they can hang out and wait for the cover of darkness before hitting the open fields. Keep it small 1/4-1/2 ac and the thick fallow field, which I assume the deer are bedding in, will hold does and attract bucks.


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        yesterday i saw 4 does rush out of the cornfield and into the woods and around last light a small 4 point was in the verge of the small hedro and another skinny but unfarmable fallow field. he was sitting on the atv trail. he saw me and ran. a few houses down my neighbor has apple trees that the deer love but the apples are to high up for them and they dont weigh the tree branches down so i grabbed about 45 apples and put them in a spot in front of my treestand about 35 yards out. im going to check whether or not they ate them because i broke a few up so they can get the apple juices smelling and drifting with the wind. @DEER30 @Gary Devine


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          Why doesn't he like you?


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            the farmer likes having me around but the hunter not so much. he thinks that im gonna mess with the deer and scare them around but i dont. the hunter is a terrible shot compared to me and he uses a slug gun. the farmer said the hunter has shot through the barns.but he leases the land and theirs nothing i can do but hunt as close as possible to it. @Old Stinky Old Stinky




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