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Guys I posted a question about huntin sandhill cranes the other day. Great responses. One note there is one with a broken leg Iv

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  • Guys I posted a question about huntin sandhill cranes the other day. Great responses. One note there is one with a broken leg Iv

    Guys I posted a question about huntin sandhill cranes the other day. Great responses. One note there is one with a broken leg Ive been seeing. Yesterday an animal rescue was trying to catch it. I think they had their hands full, didn't get to see the results. I just know, I cant move too fast anymore, I didn't want anything to do with that beast! I have also been watching some swan hunting videos. That looks awesome as well. What are some of the more strange or off the beaten path game yall have hunted?

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    Ive hunted snipe,no joke,rail, purple gallinule and coots. Im sure yall know but these are all birds of the marsh. All edible too. We also have a rat shoot when they start the harvest in the field next to my property. That's a hoot! These however we do not eat. Hell I guess they wouldn't be bad all they eat is grains! LOL


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      Woodcock and Quail are the only dark meat birds I like to eat.


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        I've hunted armadillo on a cattle ranch to reduce the number of holes dug for the cattle to step in. I'd love to participate in a rat shoot.


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          The marsh wuz mah primary huntin turf.

          Ah learned how to wingshoot on snipe.

          We used to hunt nutrias, too.

          They wuzza pest, and there wuzza nutria rodeo each year until disease took its toll on the population explosion.

          Gotta be careful, they'll make a mess outta yore leg or yore dawg.


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            I have been on a jackrabbit shoot with my late former father-in-law and his nephew near Salmon, Idaho back in the early 80s. In a hard winter the jacks will come down from the sage brush hills into the hayfield bottom lands. They were in there by the millions and that is no exaggeration! Ruined many a haystack. I took fifteen hundred rounds of .22 ammunition and shot it all in a couple of two hour stints in the freezing cold. The jacks were moving in front of us in waves as far as the eye could see. Seldom took a shot further than fifty feet and seldom missed. We left them lay ... all but one pickup load that we took to Salmon and traded to an old Indian gal for a couple of her very fine handmade gauntlet buckskin gloves.


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              When we were kids we shot fat rats at the pig farm.




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