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Buddy of mine asked me to look at his .243 varmint rifle to see if I could figure out why it wasn't grouping anymore. I picked

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  • Buddy of mine asked me to look at his .243 varmint rifle to see if I could figure out why it wasn't grouping anymore. I picked

    Buddy of mine asked me to look at his .243 varmint rifle to see if I could figure out why it wasn't grouping anymore. I picked it up this evening, found it to be a Remington 725. That's the first one I ever saw. Anybody out there ever run into a 725? Good shooting, all (assuming you can find ammo).

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    They were made 1958-61. 998 were made in .243. 16,635 total made. .243 in 100% is worth $800.
    The 725 Kodak in .375H&H and .458win is worth $4000. Only 52mfg.


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      Make that Kodiak, you want to shoot them not take their picture.


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        It's questions like this that make me feel like an old man! I'm operating from memory, but before the Rem Model 700 (short and long action) was a production model, the Model 721 was the long action, the Model 722 was the short action, and the Model 725 (offered in short and long actions) was an upscale version of both.
        These models were a step ahead of the Model 30, which they replaced in the Remington line. The 721/722/725 had a sheet metal trigger guard and magazine floorplate, but you can see the lineage of the Model 700 in the cylindrical or tubular steel action, which was much easier to manufacture than contemporary actions like the Winchester Model 70, and consequently was offered at a lower price. In a competitive market, that was a point in its favor! The rest is history. The Model 725 is a respectable rifle. If the .243 you examined is grouping poorly, I would check the trigger guard screw to make certain they're secure. I'd check the rifling (especially at the throat) to see it isn't worn out. If it's scoped, I'd check the screws on the rings and bases to be certain they're properly torqued down. I'd check the scope to be certain it isn't damaged. Look it over carefully, but know that the Model 725 was a popular, attractive rifle in its time.


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          EJP is right on.
          The Remington Model 30 was a real turkey, however, being based on the World War One M1917 Enfield rifle action, but some shooters really liked it.
          Grancel Fitz once wrote an article entitled, "Long Honeymoon with One Rifle" about his adventures with the Model 30. He took just about every head of big game in the world with that rifle, proving once again that it is not the arrow; it is the Indian.




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