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Anyone use navhda to work with their dogs? I went to a training session last week just to check it out before i committed to it.

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  • Anyone use navhda to work with their dogs? I went to a training session last week just to check it out before i committed to it.

    Anyone use navhda to work with their dogs? I went to a training session last week just to check it out before i committed to it. It seemed ok. I wasnt really blown away. I couldnt stay for the whole thing but I saw a little whoa training and then they planted some quail and let each dog go out and point them. What does make me want to join is just the fact that the dog would be exposed to birds and still have some training. Those of you who have experience with navhda what do you think? Would you highly recommend it or would you say i could get away with some hard work on my own? Thanks

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    First time I have heard of this organization. It looks like it might be good for someone who is just getting into bird hunting with a dog. They don't seem too big on competition but rather on training and even socializing which is an interesting (and refreshing) concept. I'm not much into socialized hunting so I doubt it would be for me. But that's just me.

    I am so thrilled with how my little Brittany is working out. She has shown some really fantastic points in the last couple of weeks. Mind you, we were only running in the green space down the street and the birds are not what we'd be hunting in season but she is sure putting on a show! Rock solid and I can walk right up on her. It's all pretty much natural for her. No whoa commands, barrels, check cords, e-collars, pigeon throwers, or any of that stuff (I do use a whistle occasionally but only to summon her back and needed less and less all the time). She's so easy to control in the field too for a dog that's barely more than a pup (just about to turn two). And she started behind my flushing labs. Go figure! Obviously some very fine breeding. I couldn't begin to tell you how to train your pointer ... because I didn't have to train this one. I give the dog all the credit! But we do spend almost four months in the field every fall and pretty much every day. That makes a HUGE difference.

    I have to admit that I got last choice in the litter (luckily I got in when someone who had an order canceled at the last minute) so I can't even take credit for pup selection ... this time. But I'm quite impressed. If this is the bottom of the heap, I'd like to see how the rest of the pups turned out!




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