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What is a better way to flush a woods for deer other than just walking through it because the deer will just run anywhere. Any i

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  • What is a better way to flush a woods for deer other than just walking through it because the deer will just run anywhere. Any i

    What is a better way to flush a woods for deer other than just walking through it because the deer will just run anywhere. Any ideas?

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    You could try combining walking with standing/sitting.

    You could walk in-line with others.

    You could have some in your party drive any deer toward the standers, and alternate drivers with standers


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      As Pathfinder said, having the drivers walking in a line works well, but even then the deer may bust back through the line, causing great excitement.
      The surest way to get them to go in one direction is to set fire to the woods in a controlled burn, but it is illegal most everywhere I know of, and you will likely not be invited back on the property.


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        We on the last day of deer season on our Hunt Camp Lease, Let all the Dog hunters cut them loose and most of the T-Stand hunters have a last chance for a deer,If you have a dog its some thing to try?


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          I had a friend actually push deer past his own stand while he was in it.
          It seems he was running late as he was going deer hunting and inadvertently grabbed a work coat, which he uses when he works on vehicles. On the trek to his treestand he noticed gas and oil permeated the coat that he thought was his hunting coat.

          He realised his dilemma when he was almost to his treestand, while walking in the dark, just prior to first light. He walked about 75 yards in the opposite direction of his treestand and stuffed his jacket in the creekbed.

          Twenty minutes after shooting time, a 12 pointer came towards his stand sneaking away from the area he had stuffed the coat. My friend explained that he thought the big buck was evading the gas and oil smell from his work jacket which the deer associated with people and danger.


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            You could get with some of your buddies and walk the trees. While you have some people on the other side ready to shoot the deer that come out of the trees.




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