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A gun show in Ohio this weekend was well attended and business was brisk. Almost anything you might want was there for a price.

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  • A gun show in Ohio this weekend was well attended and business was brisk. Almost anything you might want was there for a price.

    A gun show in Ohio this weekend was well attended and business was brisk. Almost anything you might want was there for a price. A box of .22lr $4, 7.62x39 steel case(Russian) soft point is $8,same thing in .223 $15. per 20. Sealed tin of 7.62x39 660, $350. AR types from $800 to $2000 all brands there. AK $800 to $1000 new High capacity mags from $50 to $125. One woman ammo vendor said she can get lots of .22lr, but it is high end from germany and too expensive for our market. She felt Homeland Security is what has sucked up the supply of ammo.

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    I visited three shops to purchase .22LR and .22WMR ammunition, a pound of smokeless powder and primers. available. The shelves were cleared. Yes, we have 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms, but there is no assurance of ammunition or component availability, and that is a matter of supply and demand.
    I'm reminded of a situation in Orange County, CA, when the ranges of a prominent rifle & pistol range were closed and they lost their lease because the area had been rezoned for suburban development and a toll road. No infringement on rifle or pistol purchases, but we had no outdoor ranges where we could shoot and the nearest facilities were in adjacent counties.
    We must understand, our rights and resources as shooters are fragile and easily impacted by issues that surround our sport. We have little individual control over local inventories, housing development near our gun clubs, other issues that can affect what we regard as our normal activities as shooters.
    I have credible explanation for the current shortage of ammunition and components, but I witness it wonder what is going on?


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      Obama has the gun/ammo industry at a feverish pitch. In my area they sleep in tents overnite just to have a chance at an AK, or AR that might come in at the retailers. A local little league team is raffling of an AR-15 and raffle sales have gone off the charts.


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        I checked 6 stores locally and Bass Pro Shops and could not find any 180 grain nosler 308 brass 300 win mag brass Varget powder or IMR 4350 powder its getting scary to get any reloading components. Now I did find nosler bullets for 338 and some smaller 20 caliber bullets but no standard 30 caliber 270 7mm


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          Check your Local Flea Market, They seam to have all the Ammo!! 50Rounds of .22Lr-$4.50P/B,223-20R~box$25.00
          9mm-20R~box$35.00,45Acp~50R-Box$75.00..Its Supply & Demand???


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            Crossroads of the West Gunshow was in the Phoenix area this past weekend. This is one of the biggest shows in the country, and they held in the NFL stadium in Glendale. Bricks of .22 LR (500 rounds only, no bonus counts) were selling briskly for $125. It was almost unbelievable. Centerfire pistol ammo started at $35 per 50-count box (9mm).

            In the parking lot, several people were selling bricks of unmarked .22 LR for $80 that they brought in independently. Insanity!

            I've gone to the barter system. I'm about to trade 6 bricks of 550-count (bought pre Nov. 2012) for 4 new Michelin LTX 32-inch truck tires. Mounting and balancing included!


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              I just paid $49 for a brick of 22 LR and thought I was crazy but $125!!!
              I think Proverbs is onto something with the barter system.


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                What would Homeland Security do with a bunch of .22 shells? Good grief! Anyone with an NRA sticker on their bumper could tell these gun show folks aliens were shipping all our guns to Planet Klingon and they would believe it.




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