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Have you been injured while hunting or fishing? Bad fall, twisted ankle, broken bone, branch fall on your head, hypothermia, he

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    Ontario, It was a long time ago but I am almost positive the Doctor said I "scratch the retina". There some things in life, you don't forget. How many times do you go to the hospital? I remember every visit to the emergency ward.


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      Gary, the cornea is the outer layer over the lens. I once scratched mine when I fell on a stick fighting wildfire. Just like you, it required some drops and wearing a patch for a couple of days. Painful at the time but okay after a few days. The retina is the layer INSIDE the eyeball that receives light patterns and transmits them to optic nerve attached at back of eyeball. Damage to retina is usually referred to as "tears" and will usually become a detachment if not treated quickly. The detachment occurs when vitreous fluid inside the eye works through the tear and bubbles the retina away from the sclera, much like water getting underneath wallpaper. A tear must be repaired, usually with laser treatment. You wouldn't forget that! Ugh! Terribly painful. Minor damage to cornea is typically referred to as a "scratch." How do I know all this? Over the last ten years I have had three retina detachments and countless tears in the left eye as well as two retinal tears in the right eye. Required three major surgeries and I don't remember how many laser patch jobs. Painful? Actually, the damage is spontaneous and painless. The treatment though ... I think I'm going to have to pop a Valium just thinking about it!




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