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Any experience in the Nosler Accubond in 300 Win Mag. I am looking to load it. Recent reviews show in the larger calibers 300's

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  • Any experience in the Nosler Accubond in 300 Win Mag. I am looking to load it. Recent reviews show in the larger calibers 300's

    Any experience in the Nosler Accubond in 300 Win Mag. I am looking to load it. Recent reviews show in the larger calibers 300's 308 and above there have been some issues with expansion too much and too little. It works great in my 308 at the 165 grain. I am looking to use it 180 in 300 win mag. Looking to load for elk. Any reviews, uses in the larger calibers. If so what speeds and caliber. Thanks

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    The Nosler Partition is a tried and proven bullet that won't let you down. A 180gr Partition at 2900+fps and you will have a winner. Others like Trophy Bonded work well, not sure about AccuBond line.


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      2 Buddies and myself use AB in our 300 wbys. They run 3180 ish and I use 200 gr at 3050. Never any issues on elk or muleys.
      Also one of them uses the 180 with the 300 win running 3000ish I use it in my 300 wsm 2950 ish.

      All of our 257s sre loaded with 110 gr AB at about 3420 ish pronghorn and deer hate this load.

      I have no clue if they expand or not everything has died extremely fast and always a pass thru never had to trail. I have zero complaints about meat loss and the guys I know that use the AB feel the same way.

      Maybe some of those reviews are from biased folks that prefer another bullet or remember the early AB days when they indeed acted like a ballistic tip occasionaly.

      For what its worth the 180 gr swift scirocco II is also a damn good performing bullet.


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        i have a friend who shoots them out of his 300 win mag and loves them never had a deer take a step yet so im sure your elk wont complain


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          I've shot a few of them and they are great bullets. I consider them to be more accurate in the .30 caliber than the Partition and their terminal performance is outstanding for animals the size of elk. They have not been as accurate for me in my .25-06s though.

          I shoot Berger 210s in my .300 Dakota because of their superior long range accuracy and their ability to retain more energy at 700-1000 yards. However, my buddy has used the 180 Accubond in his .30/378 at the recommendation of a long range shooting instructor he trained with in Montana. He shoots them at about 3400 fps and has taken a mountain carribou at 727 yards, a Dall sheep at 400 yards and a mountain goat at 630 yards wtih that exact bullet. The latter two were dropped on the spot but it took four shots on the carribou to drop it due to the reduced speed of the bullets (should have used the 210s) but they all hit where he aimed them (two in the chest, one in the neck, and one in the hind quarters as it was leaving to knock it down before it went into a canyon).

          I would have no hesitation to use them in the .300 Win at max speed. If your elk gets away, it won't be the Accubond's fault.


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            I shoot a 168 Barnes TTSX out of a .300 Weatherby at 3,346 fps. Del in KS does too with devastating results. One of our buds shoots Accubond's out of a .300 WSM with similar results as does Beekeeper. I shoot the AB 225's out of my .35 Whelen. Very accurate. I did not have much luck with the 110 out of my .257 Roberts on paper nor the 180 out of my '06.


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              Shoots to the same point of impact as the NBT from my rifle, and kills deer like the Hammer of Thor.


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                I shoot them out of my '06 - the 200 grainers. Very accurate. Don't know the speed, just loaded to the "Start" load. I can definitely tell the difference between these and my standard 125 gr. Noslers i use for whitetail.




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