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has anyone here used the primos bombshell turkey call? is it any good?

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  • has anyone here used the primos bombshell turkey call? is it any good?

    has anyone here used the primos bombshell turkey call? is it any good?

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    This call takes some getting use to and produces a few off notes from the metal striking plate vibrating on the return stroke. The strap does hold the call forward of the front slide (mine is on a pump shot gun), but does not hold it securely. Augmente with duck tape and painted with camo paint. When tuned correctly, the pur, cut, put, cluck are very realistic. Practice with both the rail tapping and string pulling before you head to the field. I would rate the sound a 7 out of 10. Easy of use 5 out 10. Learning curve is steep 3 out of 10. On major problem, if you do not tap or pull the string right, a hellish metal screech is produced, over all, I rate this call 5 out of 10. Better off with a piece of virgin slate from a creek and a fire harded hickory stick. Paid 25 dollars at not waste your money.




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