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Is it a good idea to hunt cyotes in the woods not in an open area? The spot I'm taking about is in a hollow with some grass in i

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  • Is it a good idea to hunt cyotes in the woods not in an open area? The spot I'm taking about is in a hollow with some grass in i

    Is it a good idea to hunt cyotes in the woods not in an open area? The spot I'm taking about is in a hollow with some grass in it in some somewhat think woods. There is lots of rabbit sign. Is this a good spot to set up and call for cyotes? And do gut piles work for bait? If so how long will with take for it to attract some? Thanks, Andrew

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    both are good ideas and both work. gut piles can attract yotes in as little as a few minutes or days it all depends on when they walk through the area and find it. If it is a big enough pile from say a cow or elk I would check it often until the was sign then sit on it.


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      In a seminar i went to they set the decoy in the field several yds from the brush and took a position along the edge and concealed themselves as much as they could. The visible decoy plus the calling let the yote find it. When it came in the action was fast.
      I have not been too successful calling them but do watch gut piles. Most i see are while i am deer hunting.


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        Coyote activity in the woods poses a requirement for a shotgun or a light, naturally pointing rifle (or carbine). Generally speaking, the coyote will be closer and will move faster than one encountered in an open field or at its periphery. I have a few heavy-barreled varminters that are superbly accurate, but would go completely to waste in the woods, so I rely on my carbines for woods or thick brush. The coyotes response to bait will depend on the coyote population and hunting pressure - the desperation of the coyotes in the area - and they may overlook some areas that show signs of human intrusion (cigarette butts, beverage bottles, etc.). On the other hand, I've seen coyotes rush in recklessly and can only assume the competition for food is higher in that environment. Briefly, for woods or short distances, you may want to opt for a shotgun, carbine, or light rifle. Good luck!


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          They hunt the trees for rabbits constantly so you can certainly call them there as long as you are quiet moving in. The biggest problem, as EJP said, is visibility. Last week, my brother called from behind a fallen tree. He had one run up and jump over the tree and disappear before he could get a shot off. I missed one with a black powder rifle at 10 yards that was making a first pass at about 25 mph. They are typically passing by like a quail flying in front of your face. That is why I usually use a 12 gauge with #4 buckshot when calling in the timber. I much prefer shooting them with a rifle in the open where you can see them coming and have time for a shot. If I have a chance to set up outside the timber and call them out, I actually prefer that.

          I’m sure it depends on conditions, but I have never had much luck getting them to come to gut piles. I’ve dumped the carcasses of about 50 antelope and about a dozen deer to set on them, even staked out a few live chickens. Buzzards ate them all except for the chickens. Red tails and one great horned owl got them. The coyotes stayed away completely… they were just too wary of an ambush. In several cases, I just dumped them and left them for a week so I could watch the tracks at the end of the week… I’ve seen tracks where coyotes circle the carcass from about 50 yards but it was rare for them to approach it. This year, I saw about a dozen deer carcasses in the timber that died off with disease and none of them were touched by coyotes.

          The main tactic is to get out there and hunt. Best of luck!


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            I don't yote hunt often but when I do I always sit near one of my deerstands in the woods! I only use a bow btw, I must say, getting a coyote with a bow is pretty fun!




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