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Can squirrels,rabbits,pheasants, doves or deer see hunter orange? Does wearing camouflage under a hunter orange vest help or is

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  • Can squirrels,rabbits,pheasants, doves or deer see hunter orange? Does wearing camouflage under a hunter orange vest help or is

    Can squirrels,rabbits,pheasants, doves or deer see hunter orange? Does wearing camouflage under a hunter orange vest help or is it just a waste.

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    Most birds can see color. I don't know about squirrels, but deer vision is over-rated. Deer will most often catch you with their nose rather than their eyes. If they catch you with their eyes, you probably moved too much. That said, deer can see blue very well, and they can see into the UV portion of the spectrum very well, so avoid wearing blue jeans and using color brightening detergents on your hunting clothes. Wearing camo under an orange vest doesn't make a lick of difference. Heck, I dart deer for a living and if people saw what I wear to dart deer they would laugh at me, but I consistently get deer within 20 yards.

    For safety sake, just wear orange. Who cares what the critters can and cannot see...what you should care about is what the hunter 100 yards away can see when they look in your general direction.


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      I think that while camo, or muted colors are important; keeping still is more so. If you are wearing bright clothing, you can be busted quicker, but if you fidget, you'll get busted anyway. I believe that for waterfowl and squirrels(I wear camo for both), a big shiny (moving) face is what gets most hunters an empty sack. As for pheasants, I think they can see farther then people believe, and again, it's noise and movement.


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        you can, but quite honestly anything dark colored will work, it doesnt really have to be camo.


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          thats for squirrels and rabbits, for deer I would wear camo


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            I like and use 3D/leaf Camo, While Deer hunting had squirrels and Does walk right up to me with a Blaze Orange Hat on!


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              Yes, camo is great...if you have stock in the company...!!

              I can only answer about deer. They can see the colors blue, green and shades of gray.

              Don't worry about wearing orange. Hopefully then, you won't get shot by an overzealous hunter.


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                One year, I was deer hunting in December. I was wearing a solid orange jacket, gloves and hat. Deer were constantly looking up at me in my treestand. I never moved so they didn't see any movement.
                The following year, I hunted the same treestand with only a orange hunting hat. The deer never looked up and didn't know I was above them.
                Some say a deer's sight is in black and white. Maybe the orange clothing comes out looking bright white to them. I think camo is the way to go. If your walking back to your vehicle for any reason, load up with orange so your not shot.




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