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There seems to be a lot of heated debate about inline m/l rifles for big game hunting. Many are saying that they don't belong in

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  • There seems to be a lot of heated debate about inline m/l rifles for big game hunting. Many are saying that they don't belong in

    There seems to be a lot of heated debate about inline m/l rifles for big game hunting. Many are saying that they don't belong in the so called primitive m/l rifle category.I have hunted for over thirty years with a cap lock Hawken rifle and open sights but a age sixty two the eyes are going and I don't want to disfigure my Hawken rifle with a scope so I passed it on to the next generation. I have purchased a inline and scope so that I can still enjoy hunting the late m/l season. How do you folks feel about the guys and gals that still want to hunt?

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    I say as long as it is legal by your states regulations, more power to you. I also hear alot of the "traditional" hunting debate and I think it is a load of hooey. Compound bows are technological marvels compared to the stick and string the Native Americans used. Daniel Boone and Davey Crockett didn't use in-lines. Know why? Cause they didn't have them. I think it is sad that some people are so snooty and self-absorbed that they can't appreciate others choice of weapons. It's like those guys who look down thier nose at a gun-hunter because they have decided to ONLY use a bow. You show me a guy chasing a deer down and smacking it in the head with a club and I will have him a shirt made. Kill one with a club, that, in my book, is traditional!


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      As Dan said, if it is legal, use it.

      If your state has a primitive weapon season because modern weapons are too effective, then they should ban inlines and/or scopes IF they find that they increase the take too much. If, however, the take is within the limits the state is looking for using inlines and scopes, I don't see any problem at all. Bottom line, if your state wants you to use only truly traditional weapons, they should write the law that way.

      Regarding compound bows, as much advantage as they offer over traditional bows, they still have the limited range and slow reloading that makes them much less effective than stick bows.


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        What those "traditionalists" don't seem to get is the fact that in-lines are older than their side locks, and flint locks. I say if it legal use it.
        Good luck and Good hunting sir, you've earned it.


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          One thing I have learned in this world is that no matter what you do, somebody is going to have a problem with it. Feed 'em fish heads, I say. As long as you are following the law, do whatever seems right to you. These "traditionalists" need to get over themselves. If you want a traditional hunt, don't run the central heat in your house the night before, don't turn on a light when you wake up to go hunting . . . oh yeah, and don't drive to where you're hunting either. Ride a horse or walk. Seriously, these purist types make me laugh. It's just another form of snobbery.


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            AMEN BROTHER DanInArkinsaw!!!
            "Traditionalists" have ruined hunting in many ways. I while back at a gun store in Independence MO, a gentleman walk in and wanted to find out how to get into muzzle loading. So I started explain and showing him how to get the best out of the sport and all of a sudden this fella runs up wearing a black Cowboy hat, Tanned deer skinned Range Coat that dragged the ground and some funky looking moccasin boots and starts cussing at me like I was some heathen! My name is so and so and I am a Certified Muzzle Loading Instructor BLAA! BLAA! BLAA! BLAA! and started in on this poor guy to use nothing but 300 grain mini balls with only 90 grains of powder and pointed to this relic on the gun rack. Talk about a “BIG WINDED TRADITIONALISTS” THIS WAS IT! The young man walked out of the door scared to death leaving just the two of us. And yes if it wasn’t for the store owner, we would have stepped out back! I told this idiot thanks a lot we just lost another hunter and all he can say is how criminal is it to use anything other than “Traditionalists" rifle, pistols and shotguns including dress etc.

            I don’t give a FLYING RIP what you use as long as it is legal and you do it safely!

            I’m all for the use of Crossbows, I’m comfortable with my HCA 4RUNNER. I can hit a dollar bill folded in half at 40 yards and can easily hit at 60! I just don’t like the feel and don’t have the use for one!

            DanInArkinsaw were you be at in God’s Country?


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              I feel your pain Allan. I have a heck of a time focusing on my open sights. I might me able to extend my "traditional hunting" life with fiber optics sights but it's getting close to scope time for me also.

              To me a M/L is a M/L. One shot one kill. I'll let the other guys argue about the fluff.


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                Big O, being a history buff I have to call you on your notion that inlines somehow predate side locks and flintlocks. Before the flintlock there was the snaphanse lock and before that the wheellock. Before those nuthin' but the matchlock arquebus and the "handgonne" of late medieval days. I personally have hunted with both synthetic stocked in-lines and with wood stocked caplocks. I prefer the traditional myself, but recognize that the difference is mostly esthetic. Both kinds will deliver a round downrange nicely. For those aging eyes, remember that telescopic sights go way back (almost as far back as telescopes). You can be "trad" and still use a scope. The old fashioned scopes look different, they are often 20" to a yard long, but they do work!


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                  If its legal, ethical, and it gets you out in the woods, I think its awesome!
                  where I hunt, there is a 2 week muzzleloaders only season, and it's a good time to get out when most guys don't!


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                    Buckhunter nailed it. The traditional crap is malarkey. It's all about one shot, one kill. That's the point of it all. That's also why some states have legalized any single shot gun that shoots a cartridge 100 years old or older during "traditional" season. The first thing that comes to mind is Ruger #1 in .45-70, but it's 2009 (after 2006), and that gives you .30-06...


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                      What this all boils down to is that you are comfortable with the inline. My dad had to make the switch because in his late 60's he couldn't shoot open sights as well as he wanted. He hasn't looked back since! He is now 74 and loves shooting his scope sighted inline.

                      I consider myself a traditionalist in that when I hunt with a muzzleloader I prefer the old style guns shooting patched round balls and real black powder. I have friends who are period re-enactors and dress in garb appropiate to the time period, critical even down to the cloth and buttons. I wish some of you fellows above with the bad taste in your mouth could meet them. Quite tolerant they are and would never discourage anyone from participating in the shooting sports by what ever means they are comfortable with. Plastic stocked inlines are just not their cup of tea.

                      I too despise the my way only shooting and hunting types. There is room for us all under the broad skys!


                      Thanks for setting the timeline straight on the progression of the firearm. While the inline and the side lock did coexist, you are correct in that the inline did not predate the flintlock ignition system.


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                        it's very cool that people still want to hunt


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                          Good for you and keep on hunting!


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                            Agreed with DanInArkinsaw and + 1 for you sir!!!




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