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I have read about people useing extra full turkey chokes and buckshot that are able to shoot deer at around 100 yards. Has anyo

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  • I have read about people useing extra full turkey chokes and buckshot that are able to shoot deer at around 100 yards. Has anyo

    I have read about people useing extra full turkey chokes and buckshot that are able to shoot deer at around 100 yards. Has anyone ever done this? Does it work?

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    I find a full or extra full choke actually spreads my buckshot pattern. I use modified. And buckshot is marginal beyond 40 yds in my opinion.


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      Using shot that size in a choke that narrow can damage the choke and the gun, and produce a potentially dangerous situation.


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        I fired up my handy-dandy nonlinear ballistics simulator.

        at 100yds double-ought buckshot is traveling between 270fps and 670fps. (depending mostly on the surface roughness of the BB's)

        Seeing as how I've had paintball guns that shoot at about that speed, I wouldn't try taking a deer this way.

        (this is what engineers do in our free time)


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          I would not try buckshot at this range. Try a slug.


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            Ya I will be useing Remington Copper Solids. I was just wondering if these guys that did it were for real, or just have very bad distance judgement.


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              I would use a IC for buckshot and only to 45 yards past that its worthless.


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                The math says that they are exceptionally bad judges of distance.

                according to the math double ought buckshot drops below 900fps somewhere between 30yds and 60yds (again, depending mostly on the surface roughness of the BB's)


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                  Ken comeing from 10 years of shooting with the best engineers in the country I can say that you guys relie to much on your computers. The best deer load would be a load of #3 or #4 buck in a mod tube because any body that knows anything about shotguns knows that the bigger the pellet the tighter the pattern, and the smaller pellets create more energy. I would suggest trying less analylizing on the computer and geting out in the field more and doing some hands on work.


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                    What a great post!
                    are we sure this doesn't have anything to do with wolves?

                    As for your blatant anti-intellectualism, it seems like a great policy, it worked great for the Roman Empire... as long as you don't mind that whole 1000-year long dark ages thing.

                    Are you really proposing that double-ought buck is an effective round at 100yds? I'm thinking you'd have a hard time getting anyone to agree with you.

                    "I would suggest trying less analylizing on the computer and geting out in the field more and doing some hands on work."

                    That math took me about 10 mins, and before work this morning I was thigh deep in a trout stream. (I shot clays over the weekend). As for your implication that I don't do not hard work, this smacks of some sort of self-loathing that you are projecting on to me, how else could you know how hard I work?

                    Are you really that terrified by the concept that someone can both embrace rational thought and have been raised in a hard-working farm environment?

                    Does it scare you that people don't have to choose between one and the other, they can have both?

                    and by the way
                    comeing => coming
                    relie => rely
                    any body => anybody
                    analylizing => analyzing

                    but I guess none of that matters to someone so openly hostel to rational thought.


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                      Ken 00ought buck is the most worthless thing to use on deer because it does'nt grnerate enough enregy a slug would be better at the range this person is shooting.I also never said anything about how hard you work and as far as I know standing in a stream does not have any thing to do with shotguns. Yes this person should use a slug, and I dont care if you shot clays this weekend because I know for a fact I have forgoton more about shotgunnin than you would ever know and as far as the wolves go dont worry we will take care of them.


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                        Umm 00 is bigger than #4 buck, and therefore retains more energy...


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                          idduckhntr: Don't worry, I am using slugs.


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                            I got thinking about this, and you are even more wrong than I originally thought you were!

                            This is EXACTLY the kind of question that is best answered by science!

                            You basically have two ways to answer the question objectively:
                            1) do the calculations
                            2) have someone try it.

                            If you have someone try it, particularly in this case you stand a very good chance of inflicting a non-mortal wound on the deer (if you can even hit it). Not only will this be a pain in the ass for the hunter, it is wildly unethical.

                            Granted, you can never calculate something like this exactly, there are two many variations from shotshell to shotshell. But you can factor in those variations and get a good range of answers ... like I did! You can then look at this range and see if it is anywhere near 100yds. Then, decide if you want to try it.

                            Not only is anti-intellectualism a bad idea in general. This is a PERFECT example of the kind of harm it can do!!


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                              Damn Ken, I believe this is the first time you and I are on the same page.
                              Lovetohunt, whoever told you buckshot will kill a deer at 100yds is full of horsehockey!




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