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7.62x39, a deer caliber or not?

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    Originally posted by srvcman39 View Post
    I have used this round the last 2 years and harvested 5 deer with it. Not one made it more then 30 feet without dropping (3 of the 5 were 100-140 yards). The picture is from last weekend and my gun opener was done in 2 hours. I have been using Hornady SST BLACK 123 grain. Click image for larger version

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    Looks like the proof is in the pudding!
    What kinda rifle are you shooting?
    AR? AK? SKS?


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      I contradicted myself. When I first got my SKS and Ruger 7.62X39 I was impressed with the round. As I became more familiar with the round my opinion changed to it is a decent 100yd round. However, if I had a 30-30 or something else I would probably leave the Ruger - 30 or SKS home. Too many other better choices. But, if it is all you have, get close and pick your shot carefully.


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        It will kill fine with the right bullet and proper bullet placement.


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          Without trying to stir up a ".30-06 vs .270" fight all over again, my (ahem!) learned opinion is that the 7.62×39 in a semi auto platform is basically a "semi auto .30-30 Win".
          It (the cartridge) has proved it's lethality on more than one battlefield around the world.

          As a *sporting arm, it should be used with expanding bullets to increase it's effectiveness and like the .30-30 Win, in it's environment, it works very well.

          *I never thought I'd deer hunt with an AR! Guess what....?




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