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Clay Cooper, Clearly you're a more experienced and capable shooter than most and a .22-250 is adequate for large deer for you. B

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    I would hunt deer with a 22-250 only if it was the only rifle I owned. Why go into the woods under gunned if you don't have to? I shot a deer with a 22-250 once and it only went 40 yds but what if your shot wasn't very good. I think the 22-250 round would shatter if it hit bone and be worthless.


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      I have taken a couple of deer with my .22-250 and don't have any complants at all. To me it's all about shot placement, a bad shot is a bad shot it doesn't matter. If you have confidence in your ability with a certian gun then I don't see why you shouldn't use it. My worst shots came with using a .30 cal., it wasn't the guns fault it was mine, I didn't do my job.


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        Every one of you made excellent observations based on personal experience based on facts! I got to tell you guys it’s a tie all the way around!
        ken.mcloud you brought up a very good case and point, “I have serious doubts that the muzzle energy has any direct correlation to how far you have to track a deer”.

        That is about as true as it gets!

        steve182 you asked for my opinion what for and why the 22-250? So here it iz!

        There are 3 basic categories I will relate to and from there you can break them down into subcategories of construction and performance or better yet what it will do from exiting form the shooting device until the projectile comes to full rest!

        Category #1: I’m going to use the arrow for this example. As you know the Brodhead creates a wound Chanel cutting arteries and vital organs like the heart and lungs. Put simply, punches a hole!

        Category #2: I’m going to place the 22-250 in this category. Upon impact this hypervelocity bullet uses hydro shock to do the damage or displacement of tissue and fluids like blood. MLH you asked I am curious what the insides of the deer looked like after getting hit at fairly close range with a .22-250. I take it you're not using ballistic tips. The best shot on deer is not a heart shot but a midlung shot that turns the lungs into a soupy mush. Clinically speaking, because the lungs have been demolished the heart has no blood to pump. You will find this leaves a very good blood trail and the deer should be within 100 yards!

        Category #3: This is the combination of the two categories!
        Bee Keeper, as for John Nosler and the state of Oregon deer hunt with a .225 Winchester, I question with all due respect his ability of “MOP”

        ken.mcloud is right by saying
        So, I think that the superior killing power of larger rounds is largely in our heads.(likely testosterone induced) A flat-shooting round that you can accurately place will produce as many if not more "bang-flop" kills as a heavy caliber round.

        teufelhunden brings up a excellent case and point

        Just FYI, every deer that I have ever lost have been with a .30 or larger, except one that I made a poor decision on with a .270.

        I got to be truthful with you Guys, each and every one of you are capable of doing what I have done. Just getting the right coaching and training.

        For the first time out on the 1000 yard line, TSgt Paul Turner never thought he would win 3rd place and Mrs. Sandra Warmon who would ever think letting her shoot small bore alongside with us the Holloman AFB High Power Team consisting of NRA Coach and Instructors in juneish of 85 would be going to the Olympic Tryouts at the NRA Whittington Center located in Raton New Mexico June 86.

        Who would think the poorest teams at Ft Waynewright Alaska take first place in all categories in there ne3xt Commanders Trophy Match? There problem was, the lack of confidence in their equipment and most of all? Themselves! You should have seen there eyes on the 600 meter line when I place 5 rounds thru the black with their own M16A2 rifle! This is where all of us fail.
        Bottom line: You’re more capable than you will ever think!!!!

        I say, “A true winner isn’t the one that places first; it’s the person that has learned by their mistakes to make them better for the next time”!

        A rifle that shoots “MOA” is nice, but it’s the shooters ability to shoot “MOP” that makes the shot count!


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          thank's Clay. Enlightening as always. And i agree with you and the others. Everyone made fine points, citing personal experience and good theory alike. I engage in such commentary so i will walk away more knowledable and better able to teach my kids. I will still opt for a .24-.26 most likely, but i have a couple years to figure it out. Now, taking my boy out to buy a new Turkey Call.


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            Coop, teulf, get serious, we're not talking spine shots. A .22 caliber bullet is not sufficient on deer. No way no how. I'll fight to the end on this.


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              Don't use a .22-.250. Its just disrespectful to the deer to most likely leave it wounded and suffering.


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                i agree that shot placement and good decisions are the best recipe. But my only concern are not the bad shots, but the OK shots that no one can help. Very few people can say that they have made a perfect shot everytime, especially out around 200 yards or so. I believe the extra energy and bigger hole in a liver shot can make all the difference. To me its the same idea as using expandable broadheads. a Field point would work but if you have a 2" circle to maybe nick an artery, or just do as much damage as possible on the good shots. Better safe than sorry.


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                  O' I like to get Jim's blood boiling ,LOL!

                  But you know I'm right, you just don't want to admit it YA”OLD FART!! LOL!!!

                  This reminds me of listening to the Liberal Left taking on Russ Limbaugh and you know "we are right", HEE! HEE! HEE


                  jordjohn44, gotta get ya out some time and show'ya some old tricks dar Son!


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                    Jim in Mo

                    Spine shots, get real Jim I was under the impression your knowledge was better than this!




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