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what do you all think of using a 223. for whitetails?

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    The .223 was designed as a varmint round and not very good for deer. I would advise against it out of respect for the animal. If we hunt them they deserve to be killed quickly and cleanly.


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      youre main problem will be shredding bullets

      make sure you are using bullets that wont decentagrate with contact with deer


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        You need to ask respondents if they ever actually shot a deer or saw one shot with a .223. Many seem to theorize that .223s are pipsqueeks based on no practial experience and an undefensible theory that a bullet lighter than a pound can't possibly kill. .223's are deadly suckers. Don't kid yourself, they exit, they break bones, they kill on the spot. They don't hurt as much as a .338 Lapua if you drop them on your foot but please don't let anyone shoot you with one. Are heavier cartriges more versatile in more conditions? Yes! Can you use a .223 for deer? In about 80% of actual whitetail hunting conditions, Yes! Like most of our fast cartriges, they are not the best in heavy brush.


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          It will kill'em if you hit them in the right spot.


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            Agreed with Beekeeper answer above and A + 1 for you sir!!!




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