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    Originally posted by CD2 View Post
    And no I don't have a label maker.
    Am not that OCD.
    But I hate digging for crap, like things organized and worked in high dollar labs for decades........
    like an uncluttered work area.
    In fact, I won't do work unless the area is clean and organized.
    Have walked off of some jobs because of it.

    A workbench can have a beer or cup of coffee nearby.
    But it aint a Frit o Lay testing facility.

    I still want to kick everybody out of my house and set my back room up for reloading.
    The ol lady has her covid hype stuff back there now, I can't even get to my Oneida bow.
    Proly 200 rolls of TP plus tons of other crap in the way.
    Good to know in case we run low, you seem like a sharing soul 😀


    • #17
      The ol lady bought that'll have to ask her LOL.

      I didn't buy anything to really stock up.


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        I have reached the point where my stuff is larger than the space I have allotted for it. It’s just me and the wife at home now but I still can’t have two of the bedrooms. So I’ve just started throwing shit away. Give it away who cares. She’s gotten upset cause some it has been decent stuff. But if I don’t have room for it oh well. I just give me an excuse to buy nicer new stuff. Like the incredibly large collection of clearance camo items I have collected the last 15 years. The plan is to get rid of it all and buy the new high speed low drag light weight spacing saving do dads. And spend a fortune but by George she will have more room in the hall closet after that. Sometimes you gotta fight fire with Fire.


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          Yup, 2 kids at home plus the ex................they have 99% of the space.
          I get a little corner.

          So its way easier for me to get PO'd about tripping over their crap, or mine in the corner.............can't find something, not using this or that................I get honked off and dump stuff.

          So I end up with less, which takes less space, giving the slobs more room for theirs.

          Hmmmm, maybe I need to not throw chit away, should buy more (even if not needed) and use that to reclaim space!

          Its a joke, but also not. I could very easily throw everybody out, clean the place and get my stuff organized and like I want it. No regrets.

          Am ready to live alone, a clean and uncluttered lifestyle.
          Not a hoarder like my dad, yeeeesh.

          I like clean. Organized. If I need something I know right where it is, easily accessed.
          Right now my youngest is back home (ER yesterday). Was living at relatives for covid crap, but is back (sees doctor tomorrow). So she packed her stuff and came back..........its all in the middle room.

          Just sitting there.


          Rather than raise hell about it, I'm going out to lunch.

          If her mom stubs her toe on that crap it will be put away. Dingbat works 3rds so will wake up in a couple, stagger out to make tea and bash her flipper.

          Mess should be out of the way when I get home from work

          Rube Goldberg type of system, but it works.


          • #20
            My wife is a clean freak nothing can be out of place in my house.


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              Originally posted by Milldawg View Post
              My wife is a clean freak nothing can be out of place in my house.
              You lucky dude.
              Mine grew up poor w several siblings. Chaos is no big deal to her.
              She has tons of clothes/ shoes. Has multiple dressers, stuff in garage and shed. Rotating fall winter to shed garage and bringing in summer. She also keeps buying.

              Her money. I aint making a dime paying for her to store/use up my space.

              Thought about doing some gun/ bow vids but literally have no place to do em. Back room the covid cubby.


              • #22
                I will have to fletch arrows on the kitchen island LOL.....we dont dont allow the cats on tables/ counters but the island is close to their bowls so they hop on a chair and then island to thank you for the thats allowed ....we dont use it for eating or prep....more of a computer table/ general work area.

                Hell theres AR parts and a case of beer on it at the moment.

                Wish I had a room where I could have a bench to reload, work on gear and build arrows.


                • #23
                  Yardwork if no rain, then build arrows. Ran to KFC for dinner ( at work). Too busy to save the little container


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                    I understand my man cave now has a queen bed and fancy curtains and we have a master bedroom we never use. It has extremely expensive bed coverings and the whole works I’m ashamed to say how much we spent on that and never use it just looks pretty. I sleep in the man cave because it has a tv and my tinitus is so bad I can sleep without it. The ringing is so bad it Almost ruins hunting. But anyways I use the island or the carport or the back porch wherever I need to do what ever I need I’m to cheap to build a shop when I can get by.


                    • #25
                      I've got an area in the basement with my two workbenches and a fold-out table. One wall has heavy duty shelves where I store all my adventure equipment from hunting clothes to camping supplies. One of the upstairs bedrooms is my home office and the adjoining bathroom is strictly mine. I have my closets and she has hers. She's also got her knife collection stored separately from mine.


                      • #26
                        I used to save the little tupperware containers from lunch-meat. I noticed they were the same containers that you'd pay for, so I'd get the adhesive for the labeling off, send them thru the dishwasher, and then I'd have a handy little organizer container.

                        Somewhere along the line, I think they got smart to people doing that and slightly changed the mold, the containers stopped being interchangeable.


                        • #27
                          Those bastids!
                          I'd boycott their arses over such a switch


                          • #28
                            Lol well it was some years ago and I think I just started buying it cut from the deli counter. Was fresher and tastier that way.




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