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Cam lever bows

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  • Cam lever bows

    Man I love these contraptions.
    Just bought an old Oneida Aero Force in Michigan Autumn camo.
    Yeah I wanted an LFM or Black Eagle, but these cool enough (and cheaper).

    Kind of a Handicapped Man's Recurve LOL

    Muzzy has some non cam version, LV X. Was a recall on them and dunno when new ones will be out (supposedly shipping now).
    It shorter and max at 50#. RPM has cam and no cam version (import). I didn't care for the riser cutouts/design.

    There also is G Rex bows. Again, not a fan of their GSB riser design, but their Grex and Gnat look good (Gnat a no cam). Pricey but reportedly high quality, all machined and can have it done in wide array of colors.


    Don't shoot enough to really justify more than my Aero.

    But a custom rig is too cool and 5150 is no more from what I've read. American Eagle seems to be done too.

    Place close to me does some 3D printing of parts, plus strings, so that's handy.
    Might have to tune up the ol gal and take her late season hunting.

    Just wondered if anybody else an old lever bow fan?
    This will be my 3rd Aero, have had two Strike Eagles and one Screaming Eagle.

    Might get the Muzzy for my kid.

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    About the time I got into archery in 1988 a buddy's dad bought a Screaming Eagle, compared to our compounds that thing was radical. He shot it until he couldn't bowhunt anymore and I'm not sure he ever took a deer. It definately had a cool factor but the fact that it was loud and unwieldy made it a no go for me as a hunting bow.

    I had no idea Muzzy had a line of bows. I need to get out more apparently.

    Somewhat related, got a picture today of a BiL with a buck he shot this morning. He's still shooting an old Darton from around '98 that he bought from the shop I was working at the time. He's killed a lot of deer with it, this ones probably his best ever, a yearling 6pt. He has a pretty good spot but just can't let one walk, lol.


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      Lots of oneida owners didnt understand them. Often string stretch lowered brace and got more limb slap. They could be made quiet enough to hunt. But most folks liked the kapow and added real speed a lower brace got them on the 3d courses.

      They draw soooooo smooth. There are quirks and more moving parts adds risk of problems. But for that sweet draw cycle one just accepts it.

      I do think they are quieter w a heavy arrow and possibly string overtravel is what mandates heavier spine than normal. So when going for more spine, getcha some more payload as well and enjoy shoving telephone poles through critters.


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        Could be happy i think w a G rex shot release and a Blackwidow PCH. Both custom bows over a K each.

        But am content w my old used Aeroforce and HS. Less than a K total.

        i dont do 3d or indoors anymore. Just shoot in back yard and hunt.

        Deer dont care how much a person spends. Decent performance does cost but todays bows are pretty impressive for the money. Used to be one had to buy top end for anything good. Now companys lower end stuff is hotrod compared to primo 15 yrs ago.

        But sometimes old gear is good enough and has an added cool factor.

        One doesnt need 300 fps to fill the freezer


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          Old bows sometimes need replacement parts. Half rounds come off, can be glued back on. Done a few old roundhweeler limbs oneidas a little different. Yokes are plastic and wear/ break. Same for saddles. Can get some from GString and Honey Creek Archery. Power cables and flemish strings. Think the standard endless loop type has the Y too big in bundle and promotes noise. Flemish is more quiet.


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            Honey Creek guys are nice and close to my area, will be hitting them up to redo my rig ( use their parts- take it apart myself- have redone a few before )


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              Could whack deer w vintage compounds on video. Call it " this old bow". Use an oneida, bear polar ltd, jennings arrowstar, hoyt provantage, martin lynx.....york, american, stemmler, browning etc


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                Or call it " junkorama" lol




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