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PA Archery First day approaching!!

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  • PA Archery First day approaching!!

    Hello All, Anyone going to make it out on the first day of PA archery season? I am headed up to my cabin on Friday and hunting for the whole week. Will not be home until the 11th of October. I am so pumped up for the hunt. Should be nice weather for Saturday and most of next week. Believe me, this is only the beginning of the season, I will be out again late October and early November when things heat up. Through my scouting, I have noticed a lot more mature bucks and seems like the herd is pretty even from the number of Does and Bucks I have seen. About 1/3 of the bucks I have seen look to be about 3 1/2+ years old.

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    Good luck. Remember to take your bug spray. I usually don't go out until it cools down some. If I do any hunting it is just around camp in S. Ohio. Last time there found some fawn skeletons so the coyotes have been busy. I have another electric call so I may try that next time I go.


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      Good luck. Im still in arrow build/ tune mode. Things a little different than expected. Will be ready by Halloween. The two weeks before gun season is when i prefer to go


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        I plan on going up to my cabin every weekend until Early Archery season is over. I am lucky though, because I am off work every Sunday and Monday. But, right now I am on 2 week vacation. Then, after that just get to hunt on Mondays. I like to hunt the rut, which is late October and early November. Just gotta get into my tree stand as early as I can on Saturday morning. Should be a cold morning, about 33 degrees and then heat up to 60 degrees by 3PM. See how the temps are later next week, if they remain cold in the mornings.


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          Might hunt Sunday. Got yard and vehicle work to do.


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            Well, my oxygen sensor came loose and laid on the driveshaft, no snag but enough spins to wear through some wires. Gotta replace that.

            Maybe tomorrow. Might just run it to shop on Monday (down the street).

            Bow.........did not like 400 spine (which worked on others of type). This one FF rated and needed more. So I went 340. Proly shoulda went 300, as I can't add extra up front.
            However, 340 did produce good results in bare shaft paper tune, and stepping back to 20 yards I shot the bull with the unfletched shaft. Repeatedly.

            So.............I'm fletching up a half dozen tonight.

            Will test in the morning, while washing hunting clothes. Need to hang a stand, might do that early afternoon and then hunt it dark.

            Or I might just lay around the house and be worthless. Pretty much a coin toss.
            Am not thrilled, as I wanted around 20% FOC and around 540 gr arrow.

            Can't get it w 340's.

            But I do have good flight. Not enough people do IMHO.


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              Got my 125gr ive managed to get razor sharp. Others close....think my technique requires more beer.

              Kid has medical on Friday. Gonna be long day. Hopefully i can get out of bed and hunt Sat morn.

              I dug up trees yeaterday so was pretty sore this morning. Laid around being worthless.


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                BIG doe and two fawns came in at 630.
                Too many sticks in the way.
                Try again tomorrow.

                Aint seen a doe that big out there for years.

                Don't really want to shoot her. If I did then I'd have to hold off for a nice buck in bow or gun.


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                  Click image for larger version

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                    Got a splinter in my hand a couple days ago. Got most of it right off. Had nurse at work dig on it.
                    Still had knot in hand.
                    G5 Striker got it while I waited for deer LOL


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                      Ugh. 3 hrs sleep. Found some rubs Sunday afternoon.
                      Might as well go see if I can arrow who made em.
                      Heading out.
                      Mountain Dew Quickstart here I come!


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                        Saw and heard nothing today.
                        Decided to move my new this year hang on stand up a little higher.

                        What a POS. Looks like Muddy Boss is same stupid design.
                        Strap can be swapped for left or right, but attaches about middle of riser.
                        Doesn't really cam lock in when unfolded.
                        Folded, when attaching to the tree, is awkward.

                        Seriously, it's a horrible design and if one is hunting private ground.........

                        chain on stand, and screw in steps.

                        Only way to go.

                        The Ol Man Tara was the best stand I've ever had. Big beefy , heavy and was US steel.
                        Not cheap, and that 20 yrs ago.

                        They changed the design now. Bought by another company who knows when. No thanks.

                        My stuff was old so dang near gave it away last yr. Figured I'd upgrade, new and improved.

                        Joke is on me. The old crap I had while heavy, was comfy and better designed.

                        So..............ordered some new EZY screw in steps.
                        Went to local chain sporting goods store to buy a Muddy Outfitter...........30 mins waiting for somebody to be in back half of store, had to round up somebody in back room. Then it was "out of stock"........when the other said it was proly in the back. Crack heads.

                        Never shopping there again.

                        Wrestled my POS stand, it's 3 ft higher and moved 180.
                        Video camera arm p*ssed me off too, I chucked it out of the tree.

                        Pretty much come to the conclusion everything is a POS anymore.
                        Oh well, stand is moved and I didn't spook anything, since NOTHING was in the thicket today.

                        Heard coyotes Sunday eve, wonder if they came through before I got there this morning and ran everything out.

                        Try to buy local. Try to help brick n mortar.

                        Ended up ordering a stand from Cabelas.
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