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How long until Crossbow Hunt after Rotator Cuff Surgery?

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  • How long until Crossbow Hunt after Rotator Cuff Surgery?

    Hello All,

    I had Rotator Cuff Surgery back on June 18th, I had my bone spur removed, rotator cuff repaired and biceps muscle repaired. I see doctor this week. Just wondering, how long until I am fully able to crossbow hunt after my surgery? My crossbow has a 150lbs draw weight. I used a rope cocking device, which lessens the draw weight by about 50%. So, that's about 75lbs draw weight, 38lbs per arm. I have been told it could take up to 1 year to get back to normal. Just wanted to see what you all think. I start strength training this week at physical therapy. Have been doing great so far, just have my doubts about getting out this year for archery season. Maybe I can make it for last 2 weeks of archery season in November. That would be 4 1/2 months after my surgery. I will ask my physical therapist to do a certain exercise that is similar to cocking a crossbow. I mean it would not ruin my world if I cannot archery hunt the early season, but doctors orders is what I have to listen to. Rifle in November and December is probably a green light. Any info on this subject will be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I haven't had the surgery but have had friends who did. None tried to bow hunt that soon after, but they were not using crossbows.

    One of those rope cocking devices is what I use for my crossbow. I'm pretty stout and probably stronger than most but it's still a noticeable effort. And that's with two good shoulders. So my advice is to forget it for this year unless you can configure your bow for one of the crank style systems.

    Best wishes for your recovery. Let us know what the doc says when you ask him.


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      Yup, listen to the doc.
      Some people heal faster than others.
      Even if you could cock it evenly w the rope, what about when you slip or fatigue and let down abruptly (an out of the ordinary movement)?

      Hopefully your Dr. and PT folks are on the same page and worth a darn.
      Not all of them are.

      My kid had both shoulders Bankhart repaired. No labrum damage. Connective tissue disorder and other. Her PT was at slower rate. Got cleared for some stuff at 6 month. Doc said take another 6 of normal healing/activity to be fully healed.

      Even bow over 35#. Period.

      Her case different, but her doc and PT were spot on knowing of her health issues and it went smoothly.

      She was able to golf last week. Just driving range at course, but it was a big deal.
      No dislocation, or even feeling of pain.


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        Can your X bow use a crank winder?
        Last edited by CD2; 09-04-2019, 10:59 AM.


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          I use a Barnett Jackal Crossbow. And it does not have a crank that fits it. I looked months ago for one to fit it, no luck!! Barnett does make a crank for certain crossbows, but I hear it is a pain and it is much easier to just use a rope cocking device. Plus, I do not want to dish out $400 plus $100 for a new crossbow and cranking device. But, how bad do I want to Archery hunt? Pretty bad!! I have preparing all year. Getting plenty of bucks on film. But, have obviously been unable to practice with my crossbow this year. It's a nice crossbow, somewhat beginner level, I put a new Nikon Scope on it, Xbolt I think its called. Ahh, maybe I will ask doctor if a cranking device on a crossbow is acceptable for me. See what he says. its only 16 to 18lbs draw weight using that crank device. Thanks everyone for replies. Add more if you want to.


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            I just had shoulder replacement surgery Aug 9th. Doc tells me 2 years to full recovery.
            He told me I could shoot lefty, just nothing with heavy recoil.
            This isn't my first joint replacement.
            I'll probably hunt this fall, but it will be with a "Kodak"!
            I AM NOT taking a chance on any further damage or having to have this redone.
            Talk honestly with your doctor.
            DO WHAT HE TELLS YOU!

            Good luck!


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              Yes, I will do that. My doctor is an outdoors man as well. So, I will be straight forward with him. Ask him if Rifle season is a green light, which I think he will say YES. I rifle hunt with a Remington 6MM, not a lot of recoil, but strong enough to take down a deer. Ask him if Archery season is a green light, which I think he will say NO. But, if I say "How about with a cranking device that requires 17 lbs of force for a crossbow." See what he says. I found a Barnett Raptor FX2 Crossbow with cranking device for about $300 online. What you know about the Raptor FX2 crossbows? Anyone have experience with the cranking device from Barnett? Thanks.


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                No experience with crossbows.
                Where I hunt, archery is pretty much out.
                Whatever I shoot has to go down quickly. I can't (won't?) take a chance on an archery shot that isn't immediately fatal.




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