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    My buds do some string making, self bows.........are into it more than me.
    Not into the historical aspects of it like them. They tan hides and other old timey stuff.
    Heck, my recurve has a metal handle LOL
    I shoot carbon arrows too!
    Maybe I'm not "trad enough".
    Or if so, some subgroup of "lazy trad"
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      I was never a great shot, but spent enough time to be consistent enough to not be a total embarassment. Way back, when first going from wheels to trad, I had good days and horrible days. Not much in between days.

      Then I went with higher anchor and diff practice and it just got easy.
      Think some folks have a struggle and it just gets in their head and makes it a PITA.

      If anybody has had probs, might want to check out Youtube video called "The Push".
      Posted it before on other threads.

      Might help somebody.

      I'd like to be healthy enough to shoot split and reflexive. 3 under w higher anchor allows me to use arrow as sight and it works very well, but is stilted..........and my higher elbow on draw arm, even feel in shoulder...........just sucks. I need to think out front, not behind.

      Yeah using the arrow as a sight helps with that, but after a zillion arrows, 30 years, it just doesn't feel good. Hopefully I can go back to the other way.


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        Had a ton of fun w archery. Met some great people along the way.
        But things have changed and getting old sucks.
        My body not what it was, and neither is my brain.
        Just refuse to put up with any BS.
        Always was a few folks with attitudes, but got substantially worse by late 80s and when I got back kinda sorta into trad around 2001..........few decent attendance was more of an A hole convention.
        I just don't need it.
        I'd rather grill brats and shoot in the back yard.


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          Bringing all this stream of consciousness writing back on topic...............the old Fred Bear movies, the sport back then...........still had a flavor when I was shooting.
          But IMHO back around 1990 it was gone.

          It was there. You could feel it.

          Now it's just a page of history.
          People have changed too much.

          Heck, maybe I'm just making it up. Old man itis kicking in. I dunno.


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            They're searching for something that is gone.


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              Yes snuffers was what I shot. That was about 15 years ago, they was left in an old sporting goods store and I assume they where atleast ten years old. They where a three blade design. I had never seen them before and have never seen them again. I would take those again in a heartbeat.


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                The Snuffer was developed by Roger Rathar (sp), it was a fine design, still is, only now produced by a differnt company which Roger sold out to. Knew him slightly, nice fellow, tons of trad knowledge. I still shoot the 100 grain for whitetails.

                I understand your words CD concerning ‘it’s all changed or gone now’ and has been since the invasion of technology into the existence of traditional archery. The generation of today will never experience the days you and I have known and loved, a sad thought, not only for them, but most of all us ! I wish I could spend a few hours with you and relive those days.


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                  Rothhaar designed the Snuffer. Maybe made them for a while.
                  The ones I shot were Magnus branded.
                  They sold the trad stuff to
                  Thundervalley Archery


                  And according to the FB page, TVA shut down in 2016.

                  Might have to scrounge around and stock up.
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                    I gave mine away a couple yrs back wonder the dude couldn't find em (they quit making em!).

                    I'll find a dozen eventually, set em back.

                    Could just run Wensel Woodsmans.
                    Last edited by CD2; 03-17-2019, 12:55 PM.


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                      Looked at some new all steel machined heads, intrigued, but I like that big hole Snuffers made. And do not care for the 60 degree edge of the G5 Montec or similar.

                      I still have some of those, and G5 Strikers. The latter I did like on my wheeled rigs. Figure I'd burn both up hunting chucks this summer.
                      Last edited by CD2; 03-17-2019, 01:04 PM.


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                        Yes, the magnus snuffer, you are correct, it has been a while.


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                          Originally posted by JasonT View Post

                          Whether it be traditional or Dafont Showbox Adam4adamnot archery would be 30 years behind if not for Fred Bear. I loved the part about the salute that was hreat.
                          Those times have caused me to be a devoted traditional archer yet today. Thanks again.
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