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  • #16
    Bow this yr is Blackwidow HS 58" 54# (FF model).
    GT 400's w 100gr inserts.
    After lunch I think I'll shoot a few in the backyard.

    Miss my greybark SA2's. But dig the grip of the old HS a little more (cold metal though). Heavier mass weight.........I dunno, it just feels very good to me.
    This my 3rd one, and no longer made. FINALLY found a FF rated one between 52 and 55#.
    Had to refinish riser, dang thing looks like brand new now.

    Pretty stoked.

    Might actually try to shoot Farmland in May


    • #17
      Have had three Bear Grizzly and a Kodiak Hunter, all old models.
      I'd like to try a K mag or a Mag A riser rig, 56".
      Considering the bad luck I had with the others, noise, shock.........the two models listed I won't buy unless I can try before hand.
      Try as I might, cannot stand the old classics of DH and Bear. Just don't work for me.
      Had a little Ben Pearson Hunter 2 that was a dog but it was a pleasant shooter.
      Suppose a Super Diablo could be doable, with grip mods (killing collector value and they aint cheap in any condition these days).

      I don't shoot as much as I used to, so blowing big $ on a new custom just seems silly.
      HS is cool, not often seen.........feels great to me and was only 400 bucks.
      Am thrilled with it.

      And after owning 35 or so recurves, having shot dozens of others............finally being happy with a bow.........took a while, but have finally arrived


      • #18
        Good post CD, love reading trad stuff, fantastic way to hunt, or just stump shooting ! Have had my Brackenberry take down (3 sets of limbs) since ‘88, very smooth on the draw and in the release. Always wanted a Widow, but seems like the money was always going elsewhere. With arthritis at base of left thumb now shooting is at a minimum, miss the hell out of not having ‘stick’ in hand. I agree with your comment concerning a slit cut with a 2 blade, always a better blood trail with the Snuffer. Can tell by your talk, you are a finer shooter. Glad to know there are others who have the same devotion to traditional ‘stuff’ ! Best to you.....BHR


        • #19
          I like shooting fingers. Like shooting release too.
          Nobody really makes a decent fingers compound nowadays.
          Sure they make some kinda sorta roundwheelers w 65% letoff, but that means shooting 2 under or 2 split............not 1 on top and 2 below.
          Need 50% letoff for that.
          Like a min of 25# on my fingers, did shoot target w 45# and 50% and doable, but could also drag a finger and throw em out. 55# and 50% was fine.
          I'd like a 60# compound w 50% letoff............maybe a new Oneida would do it (the most expensive version LOL- the cheaper one only goes to 50#).
          No wonder the old Black Eagles command so much $.

          I'd proly get a release and shoot an Oneida LFM if I could find one at decent price.

          On the Widows...........first one was built in '87. Cost me 475 bucks, w quiver and soft case.
          Had a different one built in 2001, think it was $860. I bashed it up bowfishing (fell) and BW made me a new one in '04 for 136 bucks (kept my old bow after deeming in not fixable).
          Great customer service.

          I'd like a new PCH or SA. Maybe next yr. I'm just afraid my back or wrist is gonna quit and make it a wallhanger.

          Do really really really like my HS. Bought off a cool dude off a classifieds on archery site.
          Bought my HF1225 from Lonnie at Recycled Recurves. Also a good dude. That grip was OK.........and I hunted a couple yrs w it. But like the HS way better.

          First HS was bought off a forum, Marl Land's old bow. Got my next HS off Fleabay. Neither was FF rated. Been looking for a few years and finally found one.

          I liked my Hoyt Protec shot w release, except it was a boat anchor when loaded up. Balance sucked so had to add a bit to balance, making it ridiculous. Man it'd shoot though.
          Been on the hunt for a shorter Hoyt in Safari finish (bronze anodized)......w 65% Cam and a halfs. I could run one w a Fletchunter Shorty release (my fave).

          Have a few BW 3 under calfhair tabs, as well as KP300 (for split shooting).
          Like recurves and compounds, fingers and release..........but have no love of the longbow.
          Actually quite the opposite. Pretty much hate em.

          Buddy likes em, does well w a Tomahawk longbow. Is kinda pretty.


          • #20
            I agree with you on the longbow. Made one several yrs ago at 60#, shot it well, but too much hand shock and caused too much elbow pain after awhile. Made a recurve at 63# for a moose hunt in Newfoundland in ‘95, too much bow for me now, it hangs on my wall in my bow room. Have shot recurves since 1953, have been to 2 National shoots before my military time, many great people in the archery field ! To me, archery is the ultimate hunting challenge, nothing close to it.


            • #21
              Local shop got in a Howard Hill 80#.
              They text'd me and I came over.
              Asked me to draw it.
              Pulled it to 28" and held it.
              Their jaws hit the floor.
              Did it a few times. Did not shoot it though.
              Wrist hurt that night (been broken a few times).

              Was in there later and they told some reg how I drew it.
              So being all fun n games, they asked me to show him.
              So I did it again.

              Left handed.


              • #22
                I shot Cloverdale in '88 and maybe 02.
                Never shot Farmland.
                Was a decent club maybe 45 min drive from me, buds and I used to go shoot there.
                They closed so now I just shoot in my backyard.
                Saw IBO change from hunting roots and good ol boys to prissy jerks back around '86 and said if I'm gonna spend that much time and $ I want to have fun, sold my compounds and went trad.


                • #23
                  I'll drive a ways to a F&W area just to shoot for a half hour or so at longer distances. Bring my bag target for FP, or just shoot at paper clump on sand w BH.
                  But I enjoy the drive, as I used to hunt up there.
                  Relaxed by the time I get to the range. Usually only one there.
                  Makes for a long but good day.
                  Sucks my old Jeep rotted out. Miss that thing
                  Think 278K was on the odometer.
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	winamac range.jpg Views:	1 Size:	56.2 KB ID:	705875
                  Last edited by CD2; 03-16-2019, 11:02 PM.


                  • #24
                    I like shooting 40 yards. Can't be sloppy at that D.


                    • #25
                      I very seldom did club shoots, maybe 2 times a year at most. I spent most of my time stump shooting or at work shooting in a excelsior inside my taxidermy shop. I have to take my hat off to you for pulling a 80# stick bow, heaviest I had occasion to pull was 70# and that was enough for me. Sounds as though you have much more experience in trads then myself, and I thought I had a bunch, shooting 7 days a week for several yrs., miss it now.


                      • #26
                        I doubt I have more experience, maybe just wasted more $ finding out what I liked.


                        • #27
                          I did shoot hot n heavy for a few years, 80+ lb compounds. Kinda messed me up for a bit (later).
                          Quit shooting and healed up.
                          Just can't do the silly stuff I used to.
                          Heck, getting out of bed hurts anymore (as does laying in bed).


                          • #28
                            I swapped bows with a guy at the range one day, shot maybe 100 arrows out of his 72# custom recurve. Whooped me it did.

                            Have to admit, at that's a different type of shooting. Pretty darn flat to 20 yards.
                            Maybe farther? (was indoors, so 20 was max there).

                            You do come clean off the string LOL

                            I slept pretty well that night too.

                            That was holy cow, 15 yrs ago. Seems like yesterday.


                            • #29
                              I miss the 3D shoots (local ones).
                              Was at work a yr or so ago, somebody brought in their small town paper, had it in break room.
                              Maybe 30 min drive from my town.
                              Anyway I flipped through and came to the obits, sure enough a guy I hadn't seen for 25 yrs, used to shoot with, great guy........had died.
                              Odd how I never saw that paper ever, til that day, and somebody i shot with, good dude......was gone. Bummer.
                              The old cool guys (who weren't so old back then) are all but gone.
                              I was a kid, now am mid 50's.
                              Bowhunters back then were a different type, but seemed to be cut from same cloth.
                              Not anymore.


                              • #30
                                It;s different now.
                                So my preference is to just hit some range w a bud and shoot for fun.
                                Keep score, and it aint screwing off........but there's no other competition, ribbons or $.
                                Just a couple of bow crazy guys out looking for arrows LOL

                                If a shot is too easy we make up our own, sometimes some mean ones. Like the old days.
                                Buddy and I used to live at the local sportsman's club.
                                After I got married and had kids, my little ones caught their first fish at the club.

                                It too changed a bunch. So I left (after many years).
                                Seems as though all good things fade away.




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