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I need to get more practice in with my bow but I don't have a backyard, all the ranges around me are member invite only and the

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  • I need to get more practice in with my bow but I don't have a backyard, all the ranges around me are member invite only and the

    I need to get more practice in with my bow but I don't have a backyard, all the ranges around me are member invite only and the public ranges are rifle and pistol only. I was curious if anyone knew if you can target shoot your bow on state game land in South East PA?

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    Target practice on sgl's is a no no unless it's at an approved range. What part of SE Pa are you in? I usually hunt 5c around Nockamixon and 157.
    There are some indoor ranges around there. Your best bet is to find a rod and gun club without all the exclusivity.
    If that fails, maybe make some friends with some property owners.
    I live in the city and use an indoor range. But occasionally, the kids and I go to a local EMPTY ball field with some blocks and and a cooler and make an afternoon of it. We pace off yardage and mark it with old arrows with some ribbon, and have at it. Folks will often stop and watch for a while and when we're done, we pack it up and call it a day. Note: good judgement concerning backstop and proximity to others is paramount. You cannot shoot or hunt with a bow within 75 yrs of an occupied structure without permission from the occupants. And yes. Oddly enough, Philadelphia is it's own weird hunting area. Bow only.


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      Thanks Gierhedd. I also will be hunting 5C this year as well, thinking around Marsh Creek and French Creek State Parks. I appreciate the tip and actually have a large area of ball fields that are being used right now. I might see if i can shoot a few arrows over that way.


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        No problem. I've heard good things about both of those places. If you're ever interested in the Nock or 157 area, lemme know. I do most of my footwork there. I rarely hang a stand. Mostly because the trees are always coming down. Haha


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          I would call the local state wildlife manager or warden - they should be able to tell you about any opportunities or the lack thereof. Here in Wisconsin the rules change depending on the property type and its location in the state. For example, you can target shoot in our northern Wis state forests but not in the more populated southern Wis. state forests.
          I would check with the local law enforcement agency and parks department before I started shooting in a ball park - you might find that they take a dim view of said activiy and you might end up with a de-merit award (citation).
          I shoot at the indoor range where I purchased my bow - it is rather inexpensive and there are no surprises...Even if you did not purchase a bow from them, the local archery shop owner(s) may have some ideas on where you can shoot.


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            Gierhedd75 - Always interested in new places to hike, hunt and fish so will definately swing up that way one of these days. I will let you know when. And i don't hang a stand either...mostly because i don't have one yet haha.

            Woods Walker - Thanks for the advice, i was thinking of stopping by the local police department and asking it that would be ok before i do it. Hopefully they say its ok!




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