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Do you consider hunting with a crossbow, bowhunting? Should crossbows be allowed in archery seasons or firearm seasons? What's y

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  • Do you consider hunting with a crossbow, bowhunting? Should crossbows be allowed in archery seasons or firearm seasons? What's y

    Do you consider hunting with a crossbow, bowhunting? Should crossbows be allowed in archery seasons or firearm seasons? What's your preference, a traditional bow or a compound bow?

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    I believe that certain age limit should be set to allow youngsters and the "seniors" to crossbow hunt during archery season. For those capable of using a bow during archery season, yet still use a crossbow should be limited to only hunt in the gun season. I hunt with a compound bow and love it. It is a lot more intimate than any other kind of hunting.


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      Crossbows is not as challenging as the compound bow. teh only thing about the crossbow is that they expensive


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        There was much hoopla about legalizing crossbows in my state several years back. The first season many tried their hand at it. The second seaon many of those disappeared. By the third seaosn you could hardly find a crossboww hunter.

        They really do not provide that much advantage. My old Golden Eagle Hunter compound shoots flatter than a top of the line crossbow I own.


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          I thionk cross bows should be allowed. For some they are perfect because disabilities dont allow them to use compound bows.


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            I don't see anyhting wrong with using a crossbow during the archery season. It gives more people the ability to go out and enjoy the open air, plus it helps raise the number of people who buy licenses. I personaly don't think there should be any laws or restrictions against using them. It would only be fair to restrict inline muzzleloaders during primative season if you are going to restrict crossbows from archery season.


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              I hope the woods don't get crowded with crossbow hunters during archery season, but if it's good for our common goal i guess i'm ok with it. Most will probably be close to the road anyway.


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                I don't hunt with either so here's my unbiased opinion; crossbows should be allowed for anyone during archery season. There is very little difference between the trajectory of bolts and arrows. However I do believe that crossbows should only be equipped with opens sights during archery season. Having a scope would be an unfair advantage.


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                  It's a tough call with no clear right answer as the good points in the posts above illustrate. I do think not having to draw them makes it tough to call them equal to bows. The restricted range is less of an issue for me as I do think they are easier to shoot accurately, especially with a scope. For me the challenge of archery is both having to draw and shoot accurately with a bow at quite close range. This requires a commitment to practice and a discipline that justifies the nature of special seasons for archery. I'm not convinced that crossbows require the same level of practice etc. but I also don't have that much experience with them.
                  I hate to be equivocal but this question has a lot of good arguments on both sides. For now my opinion is that they should definitely be permitted during rifle/shotgun seasons, definitely for disabled during archery, definitely during muzzleloader but not during archery.
                  I shoot a compound bow but would love to get into traditional archery as time and money permit. I really respect anyone who can take game with traditional equipment.


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                    Here we go again, LOL!!

                    As I said before, I don’t use a XB, don’t have the desire to use a XB, there to bulky and its legal here in Arkansas and we do not have any problems with XB’s!

                    If using a XB gets you out in the field, SO BE IT!

                    I don’t have any problem with a person using a XB anyway shape or form!

                    I prefer my HCA 4RUNNER over a XB any day and I can hit a dollar bill folded in half at 50 yards and that’s plenty good enough for me and “MOP” at 70

                    Don’t you just love these anticrossbowers because someday, they’re going to be on the same side of the fence.

                    O” I forgot to mention, these anticrossbowers are on the same side of the fence of the antihunting crowd loves you!!!

                    I got one thing to say to you anticrossbowers, keep it up and we will all be out of hunting!!!!


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                      My first reaction to crossbow hunting in Michigan is that they should be used by people over 50. However, after a brief thought as a compound bow user I am sure that traditional bow hunters had similar arguments when compound bows were introduced. As Clay mentioned it is a great way to get more people involved in hunting, especially the youth who would or could have a very difficult time drawing a compound bow. I think it is great that the state of Michigan is expanding our hunting options instead of limiting them. Now all we need them to do is start our season in Mid September like many of our other Midwestern neighbors.


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                        I have no problem with crossbow hunting during archery season. It was legalized in VA a few years back, now instead of just spending the weeknds of rifle season being able to hunt with my father, i also get to hunt all throughout archery season with him, i use a compound he uses a xb. I see no reason why we should limit the people who want to hunt and look down on them for the method they choose. So it may not require as much practice, but there out in the woods with the same intentions as the rest of us hunters.


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                          Most of the people hit it on the head, as hunters we have to stick together, so I am fine with crossbows during archery season. However, my initial feelings were that there should be an age limit/disability provision and limit it to that, but everyone has there preferences I suppose.


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                            I think hunters with disablilities should be allowed to hunt with crossbows so they are able to participate in the sport too. I absolutely love bow hunting and don't really gun hunt as much. It is so much more intimate when you see the biggest buck of your life at 50 yards and he doesn't give you a shot. Sorry I'm ate up with it.


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                              There is one advantage crossbows have. You don't have to be sneaky with your draw. That's it. They don't shoot farther. In fact, I have seen compounds outperform crossbows almost every time. Compounds are shooting the same or better velocities, but with a longer, heavier arrow.

                              So, with a compound, you get more power, range, and penetration.

                              Using a crossbow, you have to get just as close as you do with a compound. There's no question about that. It's a 20-30 yard deal.

                              If you still think crossbows are cheating or easy, then I think you are cheating and have it easy with your compound. I use a recurve. So there.

                              Maybe you shouldn't be allowed to hunt with your compound while I'm doing it the hard way with my recurve?

                              See? Not cool.




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