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Has anyone ever had a string snap on them when they were shooting? I was shooting to sight my bow in (Got a new peep) and my arr

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    Just bought a brand new Hoyt and was out testing it out. Second shot ever out of the bow and the string snapped at about 80% pulled back. Scarred the piss out of me and set me back another 2 weeks.


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      I just had a longbow string Break mid string lower than the serving on me Feb. 2020. The arrow went into the target and the arrow nock broke. The Treadway Longbow held up.
      I had a string loop on a compound bow break this past Sept. 2019. The arrow went over the target and my release hand punched me in the mouth. The Hoyt Pro Defiant bow was fine other than the string loop.
      I have had Compound bow strings break in the past under the serving, so they were not showing wear. Never got hurt luckily.
      Worst I have heard is a peep sight not tied in came loose and bounced of the riser an back into a gentleman's eye.


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        Split a riser on an 82# PSE mach 4.
        Started shooting low halfway through a 3d shoot. Got a headache.
        Went to test next day and she blew at the shot.
        Arrow left the target range, was shooting 40 yards. It was left and about 60 yards distant.
        Some nasty cable slap to bow arm.
        Went to the shop I shot for, dealer pulled a new bow off the shelf, we swapped in a riser and put it back together. Sights did not need adjustment.

        PSE later gated the cavities differently and eventually went milled aluminum. Buddy blew his cast riser Mach 4 but at draw, konked him on the head pretty hard.

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          Never blew a string. 30 recurves and as many compounds
          Lots of strings get beat up hitting the back of an arm guard.
          Some releases are hard on serving too. And some serving material is pretty crappy ( mono ).

          I dont wear an armguard unless hunting ( long sleeves). Shoot Fletchunter release. 50k shots w eliminator buttons and no reserve needed.

          Not blown a string loop either. Same brand/ model of release. Plus i tie my own in.

          Think i had a couple yrs on my Hoyt and Mathews, but injured.....didnt shoot but maybe a couple K arrows total.

          I do run Easton Supernocks.


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            When I shot my Blackwidows a lot, Id get a new string every year.

            Now that I shoot way less every 2 yrs. Proly not even needed then
            But cheap insurance. Keep the old one as a spare.


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              I nicked a couple with a broadhead but always changed them before they could break. Always carried a spare with me.




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