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  • Brantley on Turkeys

    Here's a good one on FS, in case you missed it.
    Some interesting stuff. I'm one of those who often clamors for an earlier turkey season, but I see the points made in this article. I don't know if I really agree with the theory that gobbling depends on toms hearing other toms gobbling -- I think it's an urge, just like a grouse's urge to drum or a buck's urge to scrape -- but it's something to think about. Any thoughts?

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    I love this. Not sure I could've spent 4 hours doing this but also kind of bummed that I missed out. I've had a lot of cute interactions with players and seeing this gives me Speed Test hope for more. 🦃🥰
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      Mr. Brantley doesn't hunt turkeys where I hunt turkeys.

      Gobbling and dominance are turkey traits. It's just what they do.
      Personally, adjusting seasons and bag limits by wildlife departments is just good management practices.
      Traditionally, April 6th was opening day of turkey season in OK. It nearly always encompassed the "rut" period.
      The ODWC has changed the season to April 16th. The "rut" will be over by then and they reduced the bag limit from 3 to 1.

      I believe turkeys and people are the same!
      Some are mouthy!
      Some are not!




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