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Weekend 3

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  • Weekend 3

    The weatherman was right, we had close to an inch of snow on the ground this morning. I got up a little late but the kids were about ready to go. When we stepped out on the deck it felt more like the rifle opener for deer. Sun was up and so was the wind out of the northwest. As expected the blind was collapsed some but it pops back up easy. Got settled in, being out of the wind helped but it was still chilly. After about an hour we all were bored, had two chickadees fly by and heard just one crow. Walked up to the upper meadow just for a look but the wind was pounding it, didn’t expect to see anything but had to check.

    Forecast is better tomorrow, hoping if nothing else the wind dies down. It’s just after noon now and still gusting.

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    It's 70 and I'll be mowing yard today.😁
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      Originally posted by dewman View Post
      It's 70 and I'll be mowing yard today.😁
      Yeah, Yeah. Watch out for those snakes! 😜


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        Back home already. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

        Went to the public ground (place I went one morning a week ago and heard nothing- so didn't even get camo on that day).

        No owls this time, but crows, and no response.
        Everything greened way up.
        Drove to check other part and BAM! Two toms in dirt field, full strut w 3 hens. Maybe 200 or so yards from the corner. I saw both were toms w my 10X Steiners. Too green to bring into the woods though.....added crap to carry- no thanks.

        So I parked, got dressed and started down the lane inside the woods (field private, woods public). About halfway down I see a hen in the lane. So she's maybe 80 or 90 yards.

        Watch for a bit, then bend down to where I can't see her and cross the lane. There's a clearing on side of other strip. Turns out, it's another lane. I remember that now.

        Note: my back has been giving me fits, did the TENS yesterday and woke up not too bad.
        So said why not hunt today? (it's the last day)

        Wanted to go south but that's a 3hr drive and would cripple me. Lotsa birds though.

        Anyway, I waddle my aching back/sorry arse to the tree line to cut into other lane (only been there once before, 3 yrs or so ago).

        Learned three things today: big camo rubber boots are fine for keeping me dry. They aint bad in the deer woods going to/from stand. But they are big/heavy and noisy, not stealthy enough for turkey hunting.
        With a bum back I can't move as smooth as I used to. These things make me more clumsy.

        Need to buy waterproof lightweight hikers. Not the best for tick avoidance, but gotta be easier in mobility.

        OK, so I'm on the inner lane and boogying. Clearing ahead. But the birds should be near it. I try to look into field........nothing. Suspect they are around first lane or edge of field/woods.

        I can't crawl. Bending over is a strain. I am 50 yards or so from the clearing. Figure the birds will skirt it, should be a 40 yarder. Gun is dead on there. So I plop down. Scratch out a spot to sit, mimic another hen scratching.

        Am pretty warm. Its humid.

        Item #2 I learned............camo over jeans sucks, also hinders mobility. If ya gotta hunker or crawl, cannot impede legs as that aggravates back.

        I call and a hen appears, then another a couple minutes later.
        Hear a car door back where I parked.
        Hmmm, sign said "no parking any time" but that was on the gate and I parked to the side where the gate was not blocked. Had issues yrs ago w somebody messing w vehicles up there.

        Not cool.

        Anyway, I hear an odd buzz/hum sound. Is that drumming? II dunno, never heard drumming before. Its already to my left and down the hill. The birds I see are out front, coming from right.

        Tom appears and I aim, it's a long shot but the ammo is good for it.
        I left my glasses in the truck, bifocals.

        My old trusty double bead turkey gun..............the beads are blurs.

        Boom and I watch the tom fly away.

        Item #3 learned.........getting old sucks. What worked before now doesn't.
        Time to buy an optic for a turkey gun.

        So..............I drove to this place twice. Listened for a half hour one day, made a loop w truck and saw nothing. Last day of season, same thing and see birds, and flub a shot.

        I did NOT try for the other bird. Bet I could have circled round to other side of basin and set up and called either one. Since they proly were now off of hens (my shooting scattered em).

        Disgusted, I picked up my empty and marched to the Jeep.

        Two trips, 35 minute drive one way. So $20 in gas, plus tag 25.
        Had 45 bucks invested in a miss. Well, add 7 for the empty hull LOL.

        Learned that I need more specific gear now that I'm crippled and blind.
        What used to be OK, or merely now a PITA.

        Hopefully I get out more next yr. This is public land, all around it is by draw. But this slice is NOT by draw so gets HAMMERED w people. Plus the private next to it is hunted (seen a vehicle there).

        But this is the spot Ive seen birds twice. Once this yr, and once maybe 3 yrs ago (last time I hunted it).

        That second lane had a fence and I contacted the property manager about which fence was the actual property line. He told me the outer was legit. So............I was legal the whole time.
        Was yrs ago, I backed out when I saw the odd fence angling through.

        Am so pissed off. Am home, strong urge to put the TENS unit on my back and run back up for a midday sit.

        Think I'll just pop a beer and stay home. But damn...........can't believe I missed.

        The ol lady just got home from work, I told her the screwup and she got a bit snippy. Said make an appt w spine doc and go to Cabelas and buy whatever I need.

        Turkey season Was very short for me, scouting was an hr. Listening twice was an hr. Drive around twice on the loop was 30 minutes max.
        And todays screwup hunt was less than 15 mins.

        But by golly it was heavy pressure public land and I saw two toms, and got kinda close. Shoulda rolled him. Dunno why I missed.

        Aim, yardage, pulled trigger?

        I dunno. Am gonna shop for an optic now...........for next yr.
        Last edited by CD2; 05-10-2020, 08:55 AM.


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          1st miss for the 870.
          I ought to sell the POS LOL!


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            Originally posted by CD2 View Post
            1st miss for the 870.
            I ought to sell the POS LOL!

            Blame 2020 for the miss, it's been that kind of year.

            Just don't drink and shop.


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              We did a repeat of yesterday, sun got to most of the snow but we had another squall blow in last evening so there was a blanket on the ground again. Came down after about an hour. No idea where the toms went but my guess is the hens are locked down on nests in this stuff. Have internet church shortly but we may give it another run after. Have to quit at noon but might just catch a bird out, suns up and the wind is down so maybe something will be happening.


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                Ain't but one soul out there I can think of is 100% in all He does!

                If you never miss, it means you never shoot.
                Ol "Murphy" despises a "perfect" record. LOL!


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                  Just got back down to the house, no shots fired but it was worth the walk up.

                  I was going to set us up in an area between two of our usual spots. We'd just stopped so i could pick out a couple good trees when the boy grabbed my arm and said one was right in front. About 75 yards out was a tom just on the other side of the property line. At the same time 3 deer popped out of the brush and walked by within 10 feet of the bird. We held still and sure enough it turned out to be what I'm sure were the three amigos. We let them work into the brush then backed off to sit. The boy said I had one gobble about ten minutes into calling but that was it. The wind had picked back up steady and was gusting over 30mph at times. I called it off about twenty minutes early, didn't want to take the chance of getting hung up after noon.

                  The girl is happy "her" bird is still there. Three weekends plus Memorial Day left.


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                    Rain and wind here. Was breezy w no rain at sunup. Shocked me to see two toms w hens, full strut.....last day of season.....on public.


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                      Originally posted by CD2 View Post
                      Rain and wind here. Was breezy w no rain at sunup. Shocked me to see two toms w hens, full strut.....last day of season.....on public.
                      I don't like trying to hunt them in windy conditions, I think it makes them spooky as all get out. Maybe it just messes me up. Prefer bluebird days but have gotten it done in a drizzle a few times, albeit no wind.


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                        Tom came in silent about 8 this morning and busted me! My mistake

                        He came in from behind.

                        Poor setup.


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                          Originally posted by fitch270 View Post

                          I don't like trying to hunt them in windy conditions, I think it makes them spooky as all get out. Maybe it just messes me up. Prefer bluebird days but have gotten it done in a drizzle a few times, albeit no wind.
                          Pheasants are very jumpy when it's windy. Difficult to get them to hold. I think the wind inhibits their ability to hear predators and judge when and where to escape so they bump at first sign of trouble. Helps explain why in windy conditions they are often out in grass or stubble instead of heavy cover like cattails. On windless days they get into the thick stuff because it won't impair their hearing and raptors can't get them in there. They can hear the approach of four legged predators better in thick cover if no wind. And they're not so nervous if they know exactly where their adversary is located. And finally, windy days greatly limit a raptor's effectiveness so even brightly coloured roosters are relatively safe foraging in the open.

                          Are turkeys more inclined to hunker in thick cover on windy days or stay in more open areas?
                          Last edited by Ontario Honker Hunter; 05-10-2020, 03:17 PM.


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                            Originally posted by fitch270 View Post

                            I don't like trying to hunt them in windy conditions, I think it makes them spooky as all get out. Maybe it just messes me up. Prefer bluebird days but have gotten it done in a drizzle a few times, albeit no wind.
                            Hunted a morning where lightening lit the way to my "hide". I drove a 1 ton dually Dodge to hunt. The wind was rocking it where I parked.
                            The harder I stayed, the longer it rained.
                            Finally, one wet, bedraggled tom came by and I clobbered him.
                            It was raining so hard when I started back to the truck, water quit running into my boots and started running out!!!
                            The tom had been caught by a bob cat or coyote or something. He only had 3 tail feathers and his "parsons nose" looked to have been clawed or chewed and was still bloody.


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                              The only way I'll burn up my shells is to buy an optic and play the test/zero game.
                              I haven't hunted turkey for a few yrs due to damaged foot.
                              Did not hunt the hilly southern ground.

                              Been a screwy year. Between my back and the kid being sick, just never really wanted to go.
                              Wake up and say "nah". Finally went up and walked the northern side for an hr.
                              Hadn't been there for years. Minimal sign.
                              Figured opening weekend and then shroomers, had birds blow out.

                              Woke up one morning and said, go listen.
                              Waited for sun to come up, barred gobbles. Just drank a pop and stood behind jeep for 30 mins or so. Was actually cool, as only 1 vehicle came down the road.

                              Nice to hear the woods wake up. Beaver slapped in pond across road, and I thought I heard a pathetic hen...........hunter from other road I reckon.

                              Today last day, figured go listen.........something to do. Nothing. Did the small loop in Jeep and dang if there weren't birds.

                              Prev time I saw a truck on adjacent private, near there. And I saw a bird cross there many yrs ago.

                              So I know where I'll be, w scoped yr. Ordered a scope mount just a minute ago. Weaver plastic saddle. They sit low, and work.......but IMHO one needs to epoxy the nuts into the pockets. Did that yrs ago.

                              Worked fine.

                              Leupold Freedom VX 1.5-4x
                              Redfield Rev 2-7X
                              or Sig Romeo 5 RDS


                              The Leupold has reg duplex
                              The Redfield a wider duplex

                              wonder how that will bracket a turkey at ? distance (rangefinder).

                              Need to make a target to scale and see how they line up.

                              Pops has a 2-7X Redfield laying around
                              I have m y 2-7X Freedom

                              Play with those.

                              Might just buy a cheap 870 and drill and tap it, dedicated turkey gun.

                              Low light (shade) and eyes that req bifocals..........I might not have put the beads close enough and shot over. Or pulled it left and had the height right.


                              I can't run a dual bead anymore, w glasses or without (the latter doable but only in good light).
                              Optic solve one problem at least.

                              Got 51 weeks to get this sorted out. Proly be done within the next 2 or 3 though




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