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Where did the dove hunters go?

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  • Where did the dove hunters go?

    September 1 and Labor Day are normally big dove hunting days around here.
    I don't dove hunt any longer. I'm not crazy about eating them so it's just not worth burning the ammo.
    I normally can hear hunters shooting all around the house.
    Heaven only knows the countryside is absolutely loaded with dove.
    I bet I haven't heard 10 shots all season.
    Has anybody else done any dove hunting?
    Are there plenty birds in your area?
    Are you a dedicated dove hunter or just the occasional scattergunner?

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    Used to hit the dove hunting pretty hard back in the 80's.
    Then after a decade it was just an "opening day" kinda thing.
    Buddy and I usually hunt a certain F&W area.

    One of us (or both ) drawn.
    This one of the very few years we blanked.

    I did buy 7 boxes of steel shot though (better luck next year).
    Thought about driving to closer place and sit for a couple hrs yesterday.
    But with weather changes/allergies was too miserable.

    Didn't do anything other than check out an archery shop I'd never been to, an hr away.
    Of course the bow I wanted, none in stock.


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      I hunted doves regularly when I lived in Texas, under an arrangement with a rancher who never let anyone hunt on his place.
      We hunted together and he kept all the doves we shot to make some kind of dove pie.
      I had no use for the birds, and got to shoot all I wanted, while he got companionship and an extra helping of doves.


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        The dove hunters are alive and well in East NC. Season opened on Labor Day. I hunted that day and the day after on a field in the National Forest that is managed for doves. The first 2 days of the season require you to draw a permit. Monday the fields had just the perfect amount of hunters to be safe but keep them up in the air. Tuesday there were only a handful of us, figure most folks were back at work. I went this past Friday evening and there were a handful of other guys there. And my best deer hunting spot is about a mile from the dove fields, and every time I hunt it on a Saturday I hear a lot of shooting from the dove fields.




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